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The woman behind Chiyangwa divorce (pictures)

This is Sarah Frankis, the woman whose alleged affair with multi-millionaire businessman Philip Chiyangwa set off the chain of events that led to his wife of 25 years, Elizabeth Chiyangwa (nee Juma), filing for divorce late last month. 

Sarah Frankis with the Glory Car Hire vehicle Chiyangwa gave her.
Sarah Frankis with the Glory Car Hire vehicle Chiyangwa gave her.

Nehanda Radio can exclusively reveal that Sarah has a son with Chiyangwa who was born in September this year. The two have been having an affair for some time now amid sensational claims that Chiyangwa has an estimated 55 children with dozens of other women.

Although Elizabeth had over the years put up with her husband’s philandering ways, matters came to a head when she discovered that Chiyangwa was in the habit of sneaking Sarah into their matrimonial home and bed whenever she was away.

When she questioned him on this, he allegedly beat her up several times.

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Last month, a fed up Elizabeth filed for divorce claiming 85 percent of the couple’s wealth and US$83 000 per month for 120 months as maintenance. She also proceeded to detail Chiyangwa’s spectacular collection of cars, houses, companies, commercial and residential stands.

Elizabeth recruited lawyer Advocate Isaiah Mureriwa of Scanlen and Holderness, who filed the divorce papers at the High Court. In the application she argued that her husband was now associating with several other women and that their marriage had irretrievably broken down.

In this picture taken in Turkey is Sarah Frankis and Chiyangwa’s son born in Sept 2013. Our source claims that Chiyangwa now has 55 children.
In this picture taken in Turkey is Sarah Frankis and Chiyangwa’s son born in September 2013. Our source claims that Chiyangwa now has an estimated 55 children.

Nehanda Radio spoke to Sarah Frankis on Saturday and she requested that we send the pictures that we had of her. We told her we could not do so and then proceeded to describe them to her. She then asked us to call her after 5 minutes as she was driving.

Efforts to call her thereafter were not successful as she was no longer answering her mobile phone.

We have also been informed that the lovebirds Sarah and Philip Chiyangwa have a company together that supplies the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) with stationery.

As an extension of that syndicate, Deputy Police Commissioner Innocent Matibiri always acts to protect Chiyangwa whenever the businessman is on the wrong side of the law.

Chiyangwa's 'White House' and (right) with wife Elizabeth
Chiyangwa’s ‘White House’ and (right) with wife Elizabeth

Matibiri we understand has also been used to harass Elizabeth Chiyangwa’s lawyer Advocate Isaiah Mureriwa. Only this month Chiyangwa launched a broadside at Mureriwa, accusing him of misrepresenting his wife in the divorce.

Chiyangwa said ‘the matter is legally dead’ and that Mureriwa had ‘mishandled’ it and ‘gone too far’ in filing the suit for divorce. Chiyangwa even threatened ‘to go after’ Mureriwa whom he said ‘must be exposed’. Mureriwa refused to be ‘dragged into that discussion’ saying ‘every lawyer acts on instructions’.