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CEO dragged to court over maintenance

By Melody Gwenyambira

The Chief Executive Office of LM Electronics was on Monday dragged to the Harare civil court by his baby mama over a maintenance dispute.

Lovemore Muhamba
Lovemore Muhamba

Lovemore Muhamba requested for a paternity test to be conducted before the court delievered its judgement.

“I am asking for a paternity test because I dated this woman (Lynette Madzima) for two weeks only and she told me that she was on the pill. The days she is mentioning are not tallying with the days I had sex with her,” Muhamba said.

Lynette told presiding magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti that she wanted US$1170 for the up upkeep of the three month old baby.

“He owns the company and earns US$4000 a month so he can afford the money I am applying for,” Madzima said.

She started listing what she would use the money for.

“I will need US$350 for rent, US$20 for the phone, US$200 for grocery, US$300 for clothing,” she said.

Magistrate Muchuchuti asked her if she was married to Lovemore and she replied that she wasn’t. The magistrate told her that she could not claim maintenance if she was not married.

Madzima justified her US$300 claim for clothing saying that baby clothes were expensive and the baby outgrows clothes every month.

“I earn US$1000 a month and I brought a letter to prove it,” Lovemore said.

“Madam you are claiming a lot of money. Does he drive and own a house?” Magistrate Muchuchuti asked.

“Yes he owns a Kompressor Benz. I have not seen him driving it but I saw it on his Facebook Page. I know that he has a flat in Greendale because he took me there and I don’t know if he is paying rent,” Lynette said.

Lynette is employed and earns US$270 a month.

Magistrate Muchuchuti said she will give Lynette a chance to prove that Muhamba owns the company and she also gave the two time to go for paternity tests. The matter will be back in court soon.