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Prostitutes embarrass ‘defaulting’ soldiers

By Latwell Nyangu

HARARE – Two unidentified men, believed to be soldiers, were humiliated in the city centre last Saturday by a pair of self-confessed hookers after they failed to pay for services rendered.

Prostitutes embarrass soldiers
Prostitutes embarrass soldiers

The drama occurred amid revelations that they had reneged on paying the self-confessed hookers only identified as Vimbai and Sheila their dues.

The couples hooked up at Barca Sports Club at corner Mbuya Nehanda Street and Jason Moyo on Saturday at around 3am and proceeded to Epworth where they had sex.

According to the source, Vimbai agreed to a fee of USD$30 while Sheila charged US$15 for the whole night.

“The guys caught up with Vimbai at Barca Sports Club and proceeded to her house. While at the house, the pair had sex as the thigh vendors believed they were honest clients,” said the source.

According to the source, all hell broke loose when the two men shifted goal posts while in town where they had promised to withdraw cash.

“The guys lied to them that they had money at the bank but surprisingly they could not withdraw the cash promised.

“When they discovered that there was nothing, they decided to sell their cellphones at Ximex Mall but they could not agree on the price,” said an eye witness.

All hell broke loose along first street mall around 4pm when the ladies of the night turned wild and violent against the men.

Luckily, the pair was assisted by a Good Samaritan. The Samaritan came to the pair’s rescue after paying Vimbai US$20 but their phones were held as surety by the two hookers. H Metro