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Makosi hits back at book stealing claims

By Lance Guma

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Former UK cardiac nurse turned Big Brother celebrity Makosi Musambasi has hit back at claims by a Nigerian publicist who this week claimed the Zimbabwean had published her material in a book without her consent.

Makosi hits back at book stealing claims
Makosi hits back at book stealing claims

Nigerian publicist and writer Joy Bewaji claims that Makosi’s new book “Self Love: The Ultimate Choice” was her manuscript for the Zimbabwean but was “published without my consent or involvement.”

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But a lawyer representing Makosi issued a statement rubbishing the claims as ‘malicious and vindictive.’ She confirmed that Makosi paid Bewaji the sum of N1 500 000 ($9200) at one point, N245 000 ($1500) at another and N350 000 ($2100) and again ($12,800) to ghost-write this book.

A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Celebrities, executives, and political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written material.

The lawyer claims that a problem erupted when Bewaji realised who Makosi was after scouring the internet and she decided to ask for more money. “Joy requested for an additional N3,000,000 ($19,300) to ghost write this book, which would have made it a total of N5,000,000 ($32,000),” she said.

Makosi requested that the contract be terminated and Bewaji refund her money but the Nigerian refused claiming she had already started the job and invested a lot in the process. Makosi is said to have proceeded to focus her energy on compiling the book “with some influence from her journal.”

“I want this to be properly noted that “Self-Love: The ultimate choice” is NOT the book my client initially contracted Joy Bewaji to ghost-write for her. So clearly, there is either a misunderstanding, jealous rift or a cheap attempt at blackmail and a clearly fraudulent plot to swindle a non-Nigerian.”

“On September 21, 2013 my client was contacted about receiving twitter messages from Joy Bewaji, with the spurious allegation that Makosi stole her material for the book and hour’s later blogs in Nigeria had done a story that brought to light the falsity that was Joy’s accusation,” the lawyer said.

“Joy went further to write all sorts of negative stories about my client Makosi Musambasi. Although she has since taken down the tweets, she made unsuccessful attempts to contact my client through third parties, asking to negotiate in a bizarre bid to blackmail her.

“What Joy Bewaji fails to comprehend is that she communicated mostly via email messages with my client and we have documented evidence against her and more importantly she was paid to do a job she totally neglected and worse still failed to make a refund,” the lawyer added.