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Chitepo siblings clash over estate

By Tarisai Machakaire

HARARE – A dispute over deceased parents’ estate has spilled into court after one of the beneficiaries Mester Chitepo sought a peace order against her brother, Alfred Chitepo on allegations of violence. 

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Chitepo siblings clash over estate

Mester who is an older sister to Alfred narrated how he perpetrated violence against her because he wanted her to move out of their late parents’ house.

“I got divorced and returned to stay at our parents’ house since I didn’t have anywhere to go. We lived peacefully until recently when Alfred started abusing me,” she said.

“He calls me names and assaulted me on several occasions. I would report the cases, only to be awarded a medical affidavit that facilitates treatment but never got him arrested because I do not want bad blood between us.

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“He comes into my room unannounced and sprinkles snuff all over and I feel insecure.”

The court heard Mester tried to involve relatives to resolve the issue to no avail.

“I tried to involve our relatives because the matter was getting out of hand and I had suffered serious injuries to my eyes. He would not listen to them until I approached the courts,” she said.

Alfred denied the allegations and said he relocated to Zimre Park when he got married because his sister interfered with his marriage.

“She was chased away from her husband’s place because of gossiping and I accepted her and took care of her children since she was not employed.

“I actually took our relatives’ advice and moved out of the house when I got married because she kept interfering with my family. I never threatened or abused her in any way. It’s all lies,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Olivia Mariga granted a peace order in Mester’s favour and advised the siblings to live in peace. Daily News