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Live Updates: Zimbabwe Heroes Day

Today Zimbabwe celebrates Heroes Day, a commemoration of those who died during the liberation war against white minority rule. It will also be President Robert Mugabe’s first public speech since he won a disputed presidential election.

The MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai, is boycotting the event having lodged a legal challenge against the result of the “stolen election”, demanding it be rerun. Mugabe won 61% of the vote, Tsvangirai came second with 35% and Welshman Ncube third with 3%, according to official results.

President Mugabe address 

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe attacks opposition in aftermath of disputed polls, saying ‘even dogs will not eat their flesh when they die’

President Mugabe: “We continue to push for the democratization of the United Nations, in particular the Security Council”

“We want an international environment conducive for the attainment of our goals”- President Mugabe

Mugabe says heroes dependants will benefit from empowerment funds

Mugabe promises sons, daughters and spouses of Heroes welfare. Admits gvt was neglecting the dependents of heroes.

President reiterates the call for local authorities to scrap debts and focus on service delivery

Mugabe on election promise: Gvt will increase salaries of public servants, and will address conditions of living

Mugabe announces a 5% salary adjustment to civil servants from January 2014

“Youth and women empowerment remain central in our efforts to ensure socio-economic equality among our people”

Mugabe says will improve water, roads and infrastructure development

Mugabe “government is building 3 more universities to give young zimbos access to tertiary universities…..”

3 more universities to come starting with Gwanda, Manicand University and Marondera Univesity

Mugabe supporters at Zimbabwe Heroes Acre taunting MDC-T that their election challenge will come to naught SADC.

Mugabe now talking about education, saying zim has the highest literacy rate in africa. Says its gvt policies that did this

Due to sanctions imposed by Britain and allies, production in industries sluggish

Zimbabwe importing maize from Zambia to prevent starvation

Mugabe “mining is fastest growing foreign currency earner, 50 percent of total exports last year….”

Mugabe “poor rains resulted in low production….threaten our food security. Gvt importing maize from zambia to fight hunger..”

“Our economy remains one of the stable economies in the region at the moment”- President Mugabe

Mugabe says those being pained by their losses in the Zimbabwe Elections can “go hang” if they so wish.

Mugabe thanks SADC, COMESA & AU for ‘continuing to support our national effort’

At Heroes Acre, Pres Mugabe says Zimbababweans delivered democracy on a platter in the just ended Elections

They (MDC) can spend several days with a headache saying they lost, why the headache when the owner (Zanu PF) has reclaimed what is his – Mugabe

Mugabe said he lost in 2008 coz elections were rigged by NGOs and the MDCs. he says the MDC was dead and buried

Other updates from across the country

“Jesus!!!! 3 more universities for what???? Fix industries 1st, where are the graduates going to work? (Arther Chatora on twitter)

“Kisinoti Mukwazhe, a losing presidential candidate in the July 31 elections being interviewed as an analyst on ZBC n sounding very Zanu PF!” (Kholwani Nyathi, Editor of Southern Eye)

“Followed Mugabe speech from Heroes Acre. No new ideas on offer. All recycled staff on-civil servants pay, universities,sanctions. ZanuPF yaneta” (Kelvin Mupungu on twitter)

“Mugabe doesn’t seen to understand that many Zimbabweans don’t want him anymore – forget about the West.” (Mandipa on twitter)

“Can someone please tell the president 91% literacy doesn’t mean anything. Please put it in context!!!” (Arther Chatora on twitter)

“This government debt cancellation program will benefit the politicians more than anyone else. They owe millions to ZESA & local councils.” (Tawanda Moyo on twitter)