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Khama Billiat dating dancer Beverly

By Trust Khosa

Since Monday (7.21pm) raunchy dancer, Beverly Sibanda had Warriors footballer Khama Billiat’s image as her WhatsApp profile picture and a status reading “Zvamunoona mwana uyu takadanana…” 

Beverly Sibanda
Beverly Sibanda

It now appears Bev is not only a darling to revellers but footie stars too. Ever since she burst onto the limelight two years ago, several celebrities have been linked to her and some of them have gone to the extent of showering her with gifts.

Bev has literally become a victim of stalking from footie stars and celebrities alike but this time around, it does not look like the footballer is doing the stalking.

Initially, names to be linked with her were largely youthful musicians although they all denied any romantic union arguing that they were ‘just friends’ with NO benefits with the raunchy dancer.

There are also music promoters (names provided) who allegedly stalked the Sexy Angels boss and made romantic advances towards her at least according to her camp. Footie stars plying their trade both locally and abroad have also shown interest and chased after the versatile dancer.

Dynamos goalie George Chigova and teammate Patrick Khumbula are reportedly after Bev, according  moles. Chigova has been spotted several times offering Bev transport after gigs in a move many have speculated to be more than philanthropy.

Khama Billiat of Ajax Cape Town reacts after his shot at goal is saved during the PSL match against Bloemfontein Celtic at Athlone Stadium on February 19, 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa Photograph by: Shaun Roy
Khama Billiat of Ajax Cape Town reacts after his shot at goal is saved during the PSL match against Bloemfontein Celtic at Athlone Stadium on February 19, 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa
Photograph by: Shaun Roy

Chigova however, distanced himself from any amorous intentions with Bev. He in fact REVEALED that his friend Khama is the one who at some time used his car to ferry Bev after shows. He also pointed out that Bev once used Khama Billiat’s image as her WhatsApp profile picture.

“Yandinongoziva ndeye kuti profile picture ya Bev ina Khama. Those who think I am stalking Bev might have mistaken me because Khama was using my car,” he said. On the other hand, Khumbula openly begged for a cosy ‘Kodak moment’ with Bev at Zoey’s birthday party held at a local club.

In that instance, Bev said she in fact did not know that Khumbula was a footie star; she assumed it was just one of the fans. But the latest to have joined this bandwagon is Ajax Cape Town flying winger Billiat.

Bev’s friends insist that Khama, who is bound for trial stint in Russia at Lokomotiv Moscow, is the latest to have won Bev’s heart. The 22 year old dancer has gone to the extent of using Khama’s portrait as her WhatsApp profile picture.

Together with Khama profile picture, Bev has a Whatsapp status that reads: “Zvamunoona mwana uyu takadanana tiri vaviri…singing…saka musarwadziwe moyo nerudo rwedu ndinaye.”

Responding to the claim, Bev said: “I am not in love with Khama. He is just like my brother. I have known him for some time and FOR NOW that’s our relationship. You can ask him if you want but I take him for my brother and I know the nature of our relationship.”

Asked to explain the message she wrote on her WhatsApp, Bev said: “IT’s just a catchy statement in one of Macheso’s songs; I just fell in love with it”.

Responding to her alleged affair with the Dynamos shot-stopper, who has been spotted on several occasions with Bev during and after her shows, she explained:

“I don’t know that person otherwise munotondirambisa nemumwe ari serious. I am not in love with that Chigova guy. I don’t even want to hear about him because angatondivharira zvinhu zvngu.”

Bev’s spirited denials pertaining to Chigova may be a clue that she does not want news of her alleged links with the shot stopper to go round, perhaps beyond the Limpopo? However, our impeccable sources said Khama was also head over heels in love with Bev.

“They have been in love for quite some time and everyone from Bev’s camp knows that. As for Chigova, akatsvairwa even though akambodhonza hake. If you think I am lying you can ask any of Bev’s girls and they will tell you that they are actually an item.

“Each time Khama comes for national duty or holidays, he makes sure that they spend quality time together. We all wish her the best in her newly found love with Khama,” said our source who is part of Bev’s inner circle.

Khama could not be reached for comments at the time of going to print. This is not the first time that Bev has been linked with celebrities.

At one point, she used to have Peter Moyo’s image as her profile picture which fuelled rumours that they were an item. She also clashed with Utakataka Express Fan Monica “Sele” Chikasha after these rumours circulated. H Metro