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Will Pokello, Hakeem survive again?

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Zimbabwean representatives in the “Big Brother Africa” dubbed “The Chase”, Pokello Nare and Hakeem Mandaza, have been put up for eviction for the fifth time in as many weeks.

Will Pokello, Hakeem survive again?
Will Pokello, Hakeem survive again?

The duo was nominated alongside South Africa’s Angelo, Zambian Cleo, Ethiopian Bimp, Nando from Tanzania and Fatima from Malawi. Though initially Hakeem was not nominated, he was swapped by the Diamond’s Head of House Melvin from Nigeria who saved Selly from Ghana.

This makes Zimbabwe the most nominated country in the show as well as the country with two housemates up for eviction in the same week. How unfair.

Does Melvin from Nigeria feel Hakeem is a strong contender or history is repeating itself since the Munyaradzi Chidzonga and Uti Nwachwuku duel? During that edition of “Big Brother All Stars”, Munyaradzi survived a record nine evictions and then lost to Uti by just a single country vote.

Hakeem needs to up his game since he is being nominated together with his newly found belle Zambian Cleo. This means that Zimbabwe has lost the Zambian vote since Cleo is also up for eviction.

While Hakeem escaped eviction by a whisker last week, it would be a different ball game this week as the only country that voted him last week has its own representative on the chopping block. Of course, Zambia has to save Cleo from the jaws of eviction this week and the challenge lies on Hakeem.

The “Hulk”, as he is now affectionately known, relies for votes from the rest of Africa too as the nomination regular Pokello is the “most wanted” in the region.

It is also crystal clear now that Namibian Dillish wants Hakeem or Cleo out of the game after she nominated Cleo. Is it that she wants to see one of them hurt or it’s her strategy, one wonders.

Last week, Zimbabwe was presented with an opportunity to choose between its representatives and Pokello got the country’s vote. Will Zimbabwe repeat the same voting pattern? We will only know on Sunday. It’s true that Africa has shown her lots of love, but will her luck finally run out this week?

What she doesn’t know is that, she is loved by Africa but what she knows is her fellow housemates want her out of the game. This is so because she is being nominated each week. Meanwhile, in the Diary Session, Pokello said it is just a game.

“I am a soldier, I’ve come to play the game like a soldier. I came to represent my country, to rewrite my own history and to set the record straight.”

Angelo was swapped by HoH Elikem who saved himself and put up the bubbly dancer in his place. This time mama Natasha is safe but not her country mate as Fatima has been nominated. Fatima burst out laughing after Big Brother announced her name proving that she doesn’t fear anything since it’s a game.

Well, this is how the Diamonds nominated:

Pokello: Bimp and Nando

Selly: Hakeem and Bimp

Bimp: Pokello and Selly

Bassey: Melvin and Bimp

Hakeem: Selly and Dillish

Dillish: Nando and Cleo

Melvin: Cleo and Pokello

Nando: Cleo and Selly

Cleo: Pokello and Beverly

Beverly: Nando and Pokello

Melvin saved Selly for Hakeem

The Rubies nominated as follows:

Sulu: Annabel and Fatima

Feza: Elikem and Fatima

Oneal: Elikem and Fatima

Elikem: Oneal and Natasha

Natasha: Feza and Oneal

Angelo: Natasha and Fatima

Annabel: Fatima and Elikem

Fatima: Feza and Annabel

Elikem saved himself for Angelo