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Landlord uses tenant’s room as ‘brothel’

By Arron Nyamayaro

HARARE – A married secondary school teacher was left egg faced when he was caught red handed sleeping with a married woman in Avondale last week. 

Love Triangle
Love Triangle

Nhamo Elias Nyabunze, an agriculture teacher at Masocha High School in Dande, was cheating with Alice Sigauke who is related to his wife. The cheating couple used one Garikai Munava’s house at Kay Gardens in Avondale as their love nest.

Garikai accommodated them in his tenant’s room without her (the tenant’s) knowledge. Garikai took advantage of the fact that his tenant, identified as Amanda, had not been coming home for three days and he assumed that she would not turn up on the ‘fateful’ day.

However, his assumption backfired when Amanda returned home during the day and was shocked to see strangers sleeping on her bed. Amanda made a police report for unlawful entry at Avondale police station where Garikai and Nhamo were taken.

She also demanded a replacement of her bed and sheets since she now considered it ‘rotten’ after the cheating couple had soiled. Nhamo admitted that he was guilty and he also confirmed that he got the keys from Garikai and had slept with Alice.

“She caught us naked and Garikai did not tell us the room was for his tenant after giving us the keys to the room. Please don’t publish this for it will expose me; Alice is married and is related to my wife. That will wreck my marriage. My wife is not aware of this and she thinks I am already in Dande by now.

“For the past two days my class has been going without a teacher and I blame Alice for seducing me into this relationship and we have been in it for some time now. Iri nyaya yeruchiva Alice wacho pangadai pasina zvese izvi ende nhasi ndanyara chose.

“I am prepared to replace Amanda’s spoiled bed and I will pay in instalments. My family is in Warren Park D and I only started teaching in Dande at the beginning of this term coming from college,” said Nhamo.

Alice fled on their way to the police station. Amanda said she nearly collapsed when she witnessed Alice and Nhamo sleeping on her bed.

“Garikai turned my bedroom in to a brothel after he gave them spare keys and he never expected me to come during the day. I strongly suspect that he has been receiving cash renting out my room during my absence at work.

“I have been sleeping at my parents’ house after electricity was disconnected from the house. I do not owe him any cash and for Garikai to use my bedroom to raise funds to settle his electricity bills by allowing cheaters to use my bed is unfair,” said Amanda.

Garikai regretted his actions and apologised, he however made it clear that he did NOT receive any payment but was merely assisting a childhood friend who was in need of a ‘base’.

“Yes I gave him the spare keys but I did not charge them any money for the room because I grew up with Nhamo and he is my friend.

“I regret my decision and I did not expect Amanda to report at the house during working hours for she has not been coming home for the past few days after the electricity was disconnected.

“I understand that it is unlawful to get into someone’s house in her absence and that I acted foolishly my brother,” said Garikai. H Metro