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Prostitute storms Mutare Polytechnic

A furious commercial sex worker stormed Mutare Polytechnic charging that three students who had hired her last Friday had stolen her mobile phone.

The three students are said to have hired the prostitute who plies her trade at the famous red-light zone known as Moto Moto, last Thursday night, before taking turns to spend quality time.

The hooker, identified as Maddy Charakupa told college authorities that she had been paid for her services. But she realised that she had lost her mobile phone after she left the college.

“We could not believe it. She was breathing fire and looked set to humiliate and shame someone. She went straight to the male hostel, in Hostel 15, Room Number 5F obviously hoping that she would reunite with her cellphone and cash. It was not the case, however.

“She however, ran out of luck after security guards received a tip-off that Charakupa was ‘offside’. She then divulged to the guards that she had been hired by three guys who all had slept with her and paid her dues before stealing her cellphone and money,” said one student who requested anonymity.

Another source who also refused to be named said the guys quickly vanished soon after realising that Charakupa was back.

“The guys where nowhere to be found. The rooms were not locked meaning that they were somewhere near. There were fruitless attempts by the security officers who tried to apprehend the culprits by calling all boys for an identification parade,” he said.

For the college’s official comment, the Vice Principal, Mrs Mugabe, who was not only reluctant to comment on the issue, ‘reminded’ the news crew about what she termed ‘news values’.

“I cannot comment on the issue. This is not an issue. Nothing newsworthy happened here. There was nothing serious worth writing about. There is no news,” she said.