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Makoni village head loses cash to hookers in Harare

By Arron Nyamayaro

HARARE – A 48 year old Rusape village head lost money to ladies of the night after receiving sexual favours at Kennedine Court along Central Avenue in the capital on Monday.

Bianca ‘Shakira’ Sadziwa and Jeffrey Maunganidze (holding burst condom)
Bianca ‘Shakira’ Sadziwa and Jeffrey Maunganidze (holding burst condom)

Jeffrey Maunganidze, the village head under Chief Makoni, failed to resist the temptation after Bianca Sadziwa (a.k.a Shakira) invited him for a quickie while he was on his way from processing his village documents at KG6.

Maunganidze was taken to room 18 after agreeing with Shakira to pay her US$5 and he gave her US$20 expecting to get change but Shakira took all the money because the condom burst. The two then had a misunderstanding.

Maunganidze confirmed dining with Shakira and Lorraine and denied ever having sex with the two before making a police report at Fife Avenue police post.

Shakira’s roommate Sharon Mangwira (a.k.a Lorraine) took advantage of Maunganidze’s drunkness after he had taken the illicit brew ZED, when Shakira disappeared to look for change.

Maunganidze went on to give Lorraine US$50 for another quickie with her and he never got change from both sessions and he denied leaving the room to pave way for other clients.

Maunganidze spent almost four hours in room 18 downing the illicit ZED he had bought negotiating with Lorraine for his change. A scuffle ensued leading them to Fife Avenue police post where he managed to recover US$20 instead of US$60 according to the service rendered.

Shakira confirmed having a misunderstanding with Maunganidze whom she described as her babamukuru.

“Babamukuru was drunk and he failed to understand the charges ungati ini ndiriwe US$5 kana wakazvitarisa,” said Shakira.

“He quarrelled with my roommate over his US$50 and he is said to have demanded another quickie with her and I do not know how he was charged,” added Shakira

Lorraine refused to entertain any questions before teaming up with another hooker to assault the H-Metro crew for taking pictures.

“You are ever hunting for stories about us and today I want to teach you a lesson, is it news worthy to write about our prostitution in the avenues? Lorraine was heard asking.

“You want to publish our private business to our relatives, go ahead and I am sure by now everyone is aware that I survive by that hanya nani!” shouted Lorraine armed with a hosepipe and bricks.

Maunganidze said he was robbed after a lady from the avenues pretended as if she knew him before inviting him to the room where he lost his cash.

“I am still in Harare my son,” said Maunganidze

“It is true I lost cash in the avenues after one of the ladies pretended as if she knows me and she led me into her room where robbers pounced on me and went away with my US$70.

“I did not have sex with the lady and I only managed to recover US$20 after the robbers were arrested for they had already used part of the money,” said Maunganidze.

According to Maunganidze, Shakira and Lorraine hired robbers who pounced on him but Shakira had a different story. Asked about the bursting of the condom, Maunganidze said that was the reason Shakira refused with his change.

“Shakira is more than a devil, she told police officers that she refused with my change because she feared contracting HIV and AIDS after the condom burst during sex,” continued Maunganidze.

“As for ZED I drank it to be fluent in my speech so that I would save my time at KG6 offices to avoid stammering and procrastinating. I never had sex with them but they are good in speech the police officers believed their words more than mine,” added Maunganidze. H Metro