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Goblin terrorizes villagers in Chinamhora

By Mirirai Nsingo

A Goblin in Chinamhora reported to have gone THIRSTY is allegedly demanding human blood every month. Villagers in Muchemhenyi Village under Chief Chinamhora in Shamva are living in fear as the goblin is terrorizing them.

Gideon Austin and wife Amina Munyawo
Gideon Austin and wife Amina Munyawo

The Goblin is said to be in the habit of beating the whole household until they lose conscience and start bleeding from the mouth, nose and ears. A five-year old boy has died and villagers are pointing to the goblin which had spent two days terrorizing the boy’s family,

The boy, who lived at his maternal grandfather’s homestead with his parents, is believed to have been mysteriously attacked by the goblin early last week and suffered convulsions as he bled from the nostrils and ears.

The father of the boy, Gideon Austin, was still in shock as he narrated what transpired on the fateful day. His whole family including the mother and their 3 year old daughter are alleged to have also been attacked by the goblin on the same date as they also suffered the same convulsions.

“My son bled from both his mouth and ears and as I was taking him to the nearest traditional healer to consult, my wife also fell to the ground and bled the same way.

“My wife was accompanying me to the traditional healer as she was holding our daughter. Before I could really understand what was going on, my daughter was also attacked by the same goblin.

“What puzzles me most is that all of this happened at my father-in-law’s homestead who was at home when this happened but he didn’t seem to be moved by any of this as he continued to chat with his friend as if nothing had happened,” he narrated.

Magaret Kumbirai and Funny Muchemhenyi the village headman
Magaret Kumbirai and Funny Muchemhenyi the village headman

Gideon, who was employed as a gardener in Mt Pleasant, said he suffered from convulsions before and was taken to the hospital by his employer.

“I had just come back home from Harare where I had been working but my employer advised me to stop work after the mysterious attack. I bled from the nostrils and ears and it seems as if the same goblin had even followed me to Harare,” he said.

Gideon said he had to call the neighbours to assist him and that’s when a faith healer came to the house.

“When the faith healer came he prayed and sprinkled salt on my children and their mother. That’s when both my wife and daughter woke up but my son didn’t make it,” he said.

The mother to the boy reiterated that she was still in shock and is yet to come to terms with the death of her son, she also said:

“A traditional healer we all consulted with the whole family including my father demanded that my father should pay with three cows so that the home can be cleansed.

“Baba vakaudzwa kuti chinhu chakadya mwana vakatobvumawo kuti vabetserwe kuchibvisa mumusha. We have since left his home as we are now living in fear,” said Amina Munyawo.

Funny Muchemhenyi the village headman expressed shock about the boy’s death as he noted that people in the village were now living in fear. Yasini Chemasongori (Chapomba)-the father-in-law- was adamant and said people should stop accusing him of things that he doesn’t know. H Metro