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Goblin allegedly burns owner’s privates

By Arron Nyamayaro

HARARE – There was drama along Second Street Extension on Friday last week when a Mutorashanga tobacco grower had his privates burnt by a suspected goblin.

BizarreAn alert passenger noticed smoke coming out of Brighton Magutakuona’s trousers. Magutakuona, 36, who lives in Windsor Farm Mutorashanga, immediately asked the driver to stop.

At that time the kombi was filling with smoke. He jumped out of the kombi complaining about fire in his privates. He then CONFESSED that it was a goblin that was tormenting him.

He revealed that he inherited the goblin from his grandparents to boost his yield at the farm.

“I noticed smoke coming out of his trousers and everyone else wondered what was going on and begged the driver to stop. He then threw the ‘goblin’ out of the window before the kombi stopped,” said one of the passengers.

“He confessed that his grandmother left the goblin for him and he uses it in farming but it has been tormenting him for some time. He appealed for help over the issue.

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“Hanzi chave kumutevera pose hachisisina oil ndechekurimisa fodya and we handed him over to police,” added the passenger.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri confirmed the incident. Phiri said commuters aboard the Mvurwi-bound commuter omnibus suddenly found themselves engulfed in smoke.

And out of fear the driver brought the kombi to a halt before passengers started scurrying out of the kombi fearing for their lives.

“The witnesses said they saw some smoke and fire coming out of his waist,” he said.

Superintendent Phiri also said that people witnessed a suspected goblin dropping from Brighton’s trousers as he tried to escape from the scene.

After being questioned by people who were at the scene Brighton said that he was given the goblin as a luck enhancement charm by his aunt in 20000.

“He said the goblin was angry because he had failed to adhere to its demands. Brighton told people who were there that he was supposed to report to his aunt after every two months for her to fees it with oil from a python.

“But he had taken too long to return it to his aunt resulting in the goblin being angry and exposed him in a way to push him to take it to his aunt,” said Superintendent Phiri. H Metro