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Playboy AFM pastor wreaks havoc in UK

A PLAYBOY Zimbabwean pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) is wreaking havoc in the United Kingdom with numerous reports that he was bedding women in his church using the name of God, The ZimDiaspora can sensationally reveal. 

Unsuspecting genuine church members offering themselves for deliverance before the playboy pastor.
Unsuspecting genuine church members offering themselves for deliverance before the playboy pastor.

The pastor, who at some stage was a popular gospel singer in Zimbabwe is now based in England, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. His gospel music was once a hit in the Zimbabwe Televison (ZBC) Mutinhimira Yemimhanzi programme in the 1990s to early 2000.

He has riled many female members of the AFM, who are now branding him “Satan in church”. Those close to him say the pastor appear to be happily married and has two beautiful children.

In the last two months, The ZimDiaspora received a deluge of complaints from female members of the AFM, who claim that the pastor cannot keep it in his pants. Some complainants say even when turned down, the pastor has a habit of pestering women to the extent that some of his victims have stopped going to church.

“He has been sleeping with several members of the church and he often target vulnerable young and some married women who could be going through marriage crisises,” a source said.

Another source who cannot be named said: “I was surprised one day when the pastor greeted me in church, he actually indecently assaulted me. This made me angry”.

Another woman said: “He asked for my number and he kept calling me telling me that he loved me yet I know he is married with a beautiful wife”.

Another woman said: “The pastor is an example of the Devil on top of the church. Here is someone we all look up to for solace and deliverance yet he wants to take you to bed”.

As a result of the pastor’s behaviour some women have now stopped going to church as they fear to confront or expose the man of God.

Efforts to get comment from the controversial pastor were fruitless as all his three mobile fone numbers were on voicemail at the time of going on Press. ZimDiaspora.com