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Husband hires prostitute to fix wife

A CHITUNGWIZA woman wept uncontrollably in court while narrating how her husband hired and slept with a commercial sex worker in her presence to fix her for refusing to undergo an HIV test.

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Husband hires prostitute to fix wife

Patricia Mazhanga (20) of 27623 in Unit L made the stunning revelation before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Lazarus Murendo while giving evidence in the assault trial of her husband Steven Samunderu (22).

Samunderu is being charged with domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted his wife for refusing to undergo an HIV test. Samunderu admitted to have hired the prostitute and sleeping with her on the same bed with his wife.

“It is true that I hired a prostitute to fix her after she denied to get tested for HIV but I deny assaulting her as she is alleging,” he said in his defence.

Circumstances are that on April 28, the couple had a misunderstanding after Samunderu asked his wife to undergo HIV tests at Chitungwiza Hospital.

Mazhanga refused resulting in Samunderu storming out of the house heading to a nearby bar. He returned home at 5am in the company of a hooker while his wife was still in bed. The duo slept on the same bed with her. The wife objected and Samunderu, took a cooking stick and assaulted her.

Mazhanga reported the matter to the police leading to Samunderu’s arrest. Mr Edmond Ndambakuwa is appearing for the State.