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Armed soldier terrorising MDC-T supporters in Gokwe

By Lance Guma

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GOKWE – An armed soldier is terrorising MDC-T supporters in the Gokwe South constituency hardly a day after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party concluded primary elections to choose council and parliamentary candidates.

A member of Mugabe’s presidential guard (File Photo).

Nehanda Radio understands the soldier known as Magwizi was on Saturday brandishing an AK47 assault rifle in the Mapfangautsi constituency, Ward 23 at a place known as Ganyungu Township.

Magwizi who stays at Ganyungu Primary School moves with his gun only in the evenings. He is assisted by two Zanu PF youths, Jeofrey Chikafu (District Chairperson) and Anywhere Karera (District Youth Chairperson).

Magwizi’s friend, a teacher at Ganyungu Primary School, Chamunorwa Dzikatire (nicknamed DZ) is also part of the mob who were toyi toying in the area in the evening while threatening MDC-T supporters.

During the day villagers failed to go work on their plots as the Zanu PF mob mounted a door to door campaign of intimidation. Active members of the MDC-T were told they would be abducted in the evening and disappear.

An MDC-T candidate aspiring to be a councillor, Mike Oriah Musandipa confirmed the developments saying the situation in the area was tense.

He said his own son who is also a soldier, was told “your dad is going to be in trouble for supporting the MDC-T.” People who took part in the MDC-T primary elections on Thursday are mainly being targeted.

We understand MDC-T youths did not take the intimidation lying down and several clashes took place which ended up at Nyarupakwe police station.

The police however refused to take any action and instead chased the MDC-T youths away.

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