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Masowe members in UK prayer retreat

LONDON – About 200 Friday Apostles (UK) – Johane Masowe members gathered for their annual praying retreat in Essex. They gathered from the 1st to the 7th of April 2013. This meeting is an annual fixed calendar on which they gather to pray and worship the Lord.

About 200 Friday Apostles (UK) – Johane Masowe members gathered for their annual praying retreat in Essex.
About 200 Friday Apostles (UK) – Johane Masowe members gathered for their annual praying retreat in Essex.

They drove from all corners of the United Kingdom. Their commitment was in no doubt as they pitched their tents in an open field which is located on Barley Lands farm, Billericay, Essex.

On the first three days of their gathering, the weather was punishingly chilly and snow fell on the third day of their gathering. They slept on wooden floors padded with a carpet. The adverse weather did not deter the Apostles, as they are affectionately known, from conducting their prayers in a big tent pitched in the middle of the field; surrounded by three other tents which housed male and female Apostle separately with the other one used as a kitchen.

During the day, at every three hour interval, they could be seen flocking into the prayer tent for their services, conducted by their lead Prophet Father Isaiah. The Friday Apostles (UK) – Johane Masowe pray in English to cater for their members from countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Their night services would stretch from 9pm to 6am.

Friday Apostles – Johane Masowe dress in their religious robes and sits on the floor when praying. Despite the cold weather and falling snow, they worshipped, sang and praised their Lord for seven days and nights. Prophesies were told, healing prayers conducted and testimonies shared. Assisting Father Isaiah, were six prophetesses, who could be seen helping, counselling and praying for individuals.

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On Thursday, 04/04/2013 teachings and counselling sessions were done in groups. The groups were made up of married Mothers, married Fathers, single Fathers, single Mothers and children. Each group would share their experiences, problems they are facing in their marriages and give each other advise.

[Take note: in Friday Apostles – Johane Masowe male members are addressed as Fathers and female members as Mothers. Dressing code and images can be viewed on http://www.fridayapostles.com/ ]

When the apostles broke camp on Sunday 07/04/2013, after their 6 am prayer, the message they were told by the Holy Spirit is to maintain PEACE and LOVE. The prophecies and the blessings they had received from God shall come to pass as long as they hold on to their prayers and maintain love and peace amongst themselves.

The Holy Spirit thanked the children of Africa, who managed to gather in the wilderness for seven days and nights, praising and worshipping the Lord- Hallelujah. The Friday Apostles were also thanked for spreading the word of God to all four corners of the United Kingdom through the Holy Spirit.

The Friday Apostles do not read or use the Bible because their works is received live and direct through the Holy Spirit. The children of Africa were also encouraged by the Holy Spirit to free themselves from economic slavery and bondage.

They should start opening their own companies, agencies and other self-employment projects. God has looked at the children of Africa; he loved them so much and rewarded them with the Holy Spirit. He loved the children of Africa so much that he send them the Holy Spirit which manifested itself through Father Johane in 1931, Zimbabwe.

Father Johane prophesied that Zimbabwe and many other African countries that were under the yoke of colonialism at that time shall be politically independent and the black children of Africa will rule their own countries. However, this political independence would be of little value if the black children of Africa are not economically independent and not masters of their own destiny.

Mother Africa is a continent blessed with so many riches. After killing his brother Abel, Cain fled and took refuge in the land of Nord, which is today Africa. Africa is the mother land which gave refuge to babyJesus Christ when King Herod was persecuting him. Since then, God has loved Africa and wants to see the children of Africa spreading the word through the Holy Spirit.

Report: Courtesy of Father Michael.