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Raunchy dancer Zoey buys first car

HARARE – Raunchy dancer Zoey Noleen Sifelani is now rolling in a white Honda Fit that she recently purchased. The 26 year-old choreographer, who could not hide her elation, believes she is fulfilling some of her new year’s resolutions.

SELF-proclaimed founder of pole dancing in Zimbabwe Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani
Raunchy dancer Zoey buys first car

Her new ‘baby’ is an acquisition she believes will send the correct message that pole dancing really pays. “I am really happy, it’s my first car I am now out to rule,” said the ecstatic pole dancer.

“It has always been my desire to set the trends in the industry. As you know, I am one of the pioneers of pole dancing and these are some of the fruits of my sweat. I parted with over US$5000 to land this new baby and right now I have since processed all the paper work and I no longer dodge the police.”

Zoey, a proud mother of one has vowed to continue working hard and silence all the doubting Thomases who look down upon dancers. “I also think I have managed to prove wrong some of the critics who look down upon us and even call us all sorts of names.

“I believe I have managed to convince locals that pole dancing is a profession and that some of us are beginning to be rewarded even though people associated it with vice and immorality,” she added.

Honda Fit
Honda Fit

The Red Angels boss has also acquired a residential stand which she is developing. She is set to open a school of pole dancing and a car wash on Easter Saturday at Strathaven shopping centre in Avondale.

Despite all her achievements and bossing a 12-member group, Zoey has managed to put pole dancing to another level. Of course one cannot afford to talk about Zoey without mentioning some of her products- Beverly Sibanda and Coco.

She recently grabbed headlines when she was arrested along with Beverly for indecent exposure although the state later dropped the charges. Zoey is popular with Hararians who seem to be trailing her like a shadow wherever she plays.