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The end of Zanu PF and Mugabe era foretold by Johane Masowe prophecy

By Wilfred Kushure

One cold blooded murder is one too much already. Who killed Christpowers? Who is responsible for this death, and Why? We know because we were told by prophecy. We know many more murders are coming. Because it was prophesied by Johane Masowe/Masedza.

Wolf in sheep's clothing: Mugabe attending apostolic service
Wolf in sheep’s clothing: Mugabe attending apostolic service

These same things have happened before and so we are now very sure that the prophecy has caught up with time.

I will continue from where I left in my last posting in this publication on the Prophecies by our Johane Masowe / Masedza which prophecies some people are carelessly choosing to twist in order to please their political masters.

I left an unexplained ‘gap’ about further prophecies told to us by baba Johane which today are in our midst and again which we can tell because it has happened or is now happening.

I wish to share with you a little bit more about these prophecies and how exact the happenings have come true, and much more. It is important to the general public to know this as it may serve to fuel the steam of good deed or dampen the spirits of wrong doing for the benefit of many.

I speak from a very strong position of knowing, as Mupositori wekuMasowe. I speak from a position of someone who serves a God much higher than man. I do not speak from a subordinate position of wanting. I salute the positioned but also remind of the impending.

I will as much as possible avoid pointing fingers at the culprits but I know. I am not a politician but a fully matured religious person with a responsibility to correctly position our church and its prophecies and show its relevance to the lives of our national people.

That quickly brings me to a contentious discussion on how I can avoid politics if both politics and religion is about the same national people who are God’s treasure. Politics and religion both talk of the same people.

We both want the same people i.e. religion wants these people for God and politics wants these same people for their political motives. We are both strongly interested in the same people.

We from the religious side want Zimbabwean people to be free of oppression, to know God and to serve God. Politicians want the same Zimbabwean people to like them and vote for them so that they keep in positions of power.

We are two sides which are supposed to be at peace with each other. But many times we are two sides in great antagonism because many times our politicians have interests other than God’s plans for His people.

The big question then comes, Who between God and a politician must determine the lives of these people. Who between God and the politician must have a say on the Zimbabwean people?

Who between God and Mr Politician is above the other? Or as Christians have we surrendered to fate and have we been wrongly persuaded to think that politics is superior to Jesus? Never, Never, Never!

Are our politicians at peace with our Universal, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God? Are Christians and the Christian people of our land obliged to subordinate themselves to a Mr Politician who fiercely and openly defies God’s teachings?

Baba Jowani was not a politician but he discussed and preached many political issues from a religious stand point. This he did because a lot is at stake where a national people need to preserve their identity.

And also where it is imperative that God’s people must look and see and must belong to God at all times and in all respects. Remember, Zimbabwe is the love of God. We are different, and Zimbabwe is different, it is land of the Holy Spirit.

The murder of an innocent child is horrific. The murder of a Mupositori is dreaded and very hard to bear for us in the apostolic dispensation. Our only solace is that Christpowers was innocent and that it is highly likely that his soul was put to eternal peace.

Christpowers was a Christian from the Apostolic religion. The horrors and murders in our midst may turn out to be just a beginning, according to prophecies told us by Johane.

But our hands are tied and we are not given a choice to do anything about it, at least from a church perspective. We shall witness a lot more and especially among us the Christians, a lot more terror is coming.

We do not have the power, we were not given the prayers, we do not have the capacity to raise even a finger and stop it. We can never avoid it, however bad or horrendous.

We are powerless and we are destined for it, at least because it was prophesied as such and we believe it will come to pass. And to that destiny we helplessly drift.

Sad to say, but also according to prophecy, even to them who thirst for innocent blood of their brothers and sisters. Them who hunger for the end to the lives of the unsuspecting and innocent members of our society.

To them also it was told that they may never have the power to stop because we know they will do it at least according to prophecy told to us. That will not make the murderer not guilty.

Them are a devil warrior let loose to define the end. Our God is not amused by these agents of the evil one. Remember the Red Sea swallowing the mighty murderous army of the evil one in the ancient days of Pharaoh.

Who killed Christpowers? Why was Christpowers killed?

Mugabe’s presidency was prophesied long before anyone could dream of it. His ascendency to power was prophesied well before he skipped the border to join the revolution.

His rule was prophesied long before we won that war (you ask a Masowe Apostle and they tell you about someone who one day in 1975 at a Masowe shrine was asked to imitate a cock/jongwe crowing, predicting the jongwe sign). The tyranny of Mugabe’s period was prophesied well before anybody could suspect.

The emergency of MDC was prophesied some time in 1977 ( vaPositori can tell you about a vision (chiratidzo) of a big cock and a small cock (kachongwe kechiIndia) fighting against each other and one getting seriously wounded but the other one defeated and killed).

This was explained to us and so we knew the advent of opposition. We have always known who will win and who will lose at different stages of these ‘fights’. We are already in election time and we choose not to be involved in electioneering, but we have the knowledge to tell what is imminent.

You look back at 2008 and you remember Tsvangirai of MDC eventually boycotting the Presidential elections. You look back to 2008 and remember Mugabe winning those elections in very disputable circumstances. He won, and he was inaugurated as president and he has been president since then.

We in Jowani Masowe were not surprised! Not because we liked what happened but we respected the outcome as the truth according to that very old prophecy.  Remember it does not have to be fair or unfair, but it just has to fulfil a prophecy whichever way you look at it. Did it happen? Yes it did.

Did prophecy come true? Yes! And we leave it to the politicians to comment on the fairness and / or unfairness of it. Therefore as per prophecy, that scenario was destined to prevail over fairness or unfairness, and it did.

Political Opposition is good for the health of our political landscape. We in Jowani Masowe however do not agree with but understand Mugabe where he says opposition is luxury i.e. (“My view is that it is a luxury to indulge in politics of opposition.” He said).

He must not be allowed have free reign on the politics of our time. But from the spiritual point of things we are resigned to observe the prophesied roll out itself regardless of our choice. We view opposition as protests against bad governance and that must be allowed and intensified.

But we also understand that the will of God will prevail.

We can however also tell you safely that Christpowers death is not in vain. We are witnessing the demise of an era and a definition of the foretold and the beginning of an end. We can safely and with authority tell the very near future as told us.

You ask a true and serious Masowe member and they can confidently tell you how the current presidency was prophesied. You ask vaPositori about the next president after this first one and they cannot tell, because they do not know.

But although it was prophesied, it was not explained. But at least we know what is coming now. You ask why it took no time to prophesy Mugabe and his jongwe, but why it has taken forever to prophesy the succession. Even many VaPositori also they are not sure.

And that tells you a story. A story of the unexplained where even Zanu PF need to be very careful. Where even Zanu PF must suspect and take a pause and introspect. That is the void. That is the emptiness. That is the Zanu PF loss!

It is so sad that a revolutionary party that won the war of liberation chooses to plunge into a defining era without knowing. That is the trap. I confidently state that they do not know and they will not know until when it happens and they will wish they had known.

  • We were told by prophecy about the birth (around 1977) of male twins to be born during the independence era. Of the two, one had a red string (tambo tsvuku) and the other a white string tied around their wrists symbolising blood and peace respectively. And were also told that the two would go into a bitter and bloody war at some later stage, and fight each other very fiercely. We were warned against and we were advised about that twin with the red cloth.
  • We were told about one of these ‘twins’ who would not be afraid to shed blood. It’s only prophecy and not fact but it’s also something proving itself very true.
  • We were told about the Chimoio massacres, Nhiadzonia and Tembue and the much more blood that watered the sacred fields of our land. It was not cheap blood and does not deserve to be ignored. Everybody rushed to gold, silver and diamond and left vana vachichema mumasango? And we also know what should have been otherwise we may NEVER taste from the cup of peace in the beautiful land of Zimbabwe until something comes to be. We know it.
  • We were told about the US Dollar being the medium of exchange in 1995 where upon a vision was told us about three shovels overflowing with American money seen crossing the oceans and being given to Zimbabwe.
  • And also that Zimbabwe would exceed all nations in wealth creation. But first there would be great, great suffering! We have not yet passed that and in fact we have not yet gone through that, and we know.

Zanu PF must also realise that them and Mugabe are different. Them and him mean very different significances in our destiny as a nation. At least he was prophesied and they were not.

Where Mugabe was referred to as ‘murume iyeye’ and where many stories were told about him to us, very little to almost nothing was mentioned about Zanu PF.

And also it answers why even Mugabe himself admitted to feeling lonely because all around him are just kids, so and so is no longer there, but he is still around and still has the urge to go on and be President (as reported ‘Why is it that all my friends are gone and my relatives are gone and I continue to linger on?…there is no one. …others are just children….you feel that loneliness. You have lost others and sometimes you think of it and it makes you very lonely…’ Mugabe is reported to have said.)

According to us and the Jowani Masowe prophecy, Mugabe has no choice. He has got to move on to the foretold. He cannot backtrack because he has no capacity to do that. You may hate and curse him for it but we believe he has no power to change the foretold destiny. And the foretold future is waiting for him and we are sure it will come to pass and exactly as it was told us.

Do we have the power to change the prophesied destiny? That’s what many people have been trying to do for many years and that’s why many people have died trying to do.

It is very sad when you know what’s coming and you see your fellow citizens innocently suffering and unsuspectingly losing their lives unnecessarily. But then its only prophecy and prophecy is not truth until when it comes to pass. And also the normal course of things must be allowed to happen.

Is it good and / or divine that Mugabe is the President? I hesitate to describe the scenario as divine because of my knowledge of what divine means. Divine means from God and for a Godly purpose.

One can be forgiven to take it as a curse to be chosen to preside over murders, genocide and the end of an era. It is a curse. We can mention Pirate of Jesus’ time, Pharaoh of Moses’ time and even King Nebuchadnezzar of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s time.

There was absolutely nothing divine about these earthly kings but everything Divine about Jesus, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Mugabe can be in power until whenever it is intended but that does not make him or his rule divine. We only accept his rule because we were told he shall be the one up there until a certain time and we know he shall be removed.

Our rich database of proven prophecies also tells us that, therefore, if he were to be voted into presidency again, he will never resign. Because he cannot do it, because he has no power to do it, because he has no jurisdiction to what he can do. That part is in the very safe hands of our God to dictate.

The sad part for some of us is that where these things are happening and at the same time you know the future. That is how those Masowe people are. They know it and they know how it will come to pass. I am aware that there are those among us who do not have this knowledge.

I am also fully aware that there are those of our members who are also caught up on the wrong side of things because they do not know. Many of these unknowing members are either new recruits or the overzealous few who are in our church for their own selfish motives.

But to the serious minded and religiously mature vaPositori, we know what is happening, we know what is going to happen and we know why.

Christpowers might not have been a Jowani Masowe Mupositori. He might not have been a Pentecostal or orthodox Christian. But the issues at stake for the Christian community cut across denominational and church boundaries. He was an identified Christian of the Apostolic religion, Period.

He could not have turned to be a thug. He could not have turned out to be a murderer. Chances of him becoming a thief were distant. If given the chance to prolong his life, Christpowers could have turned out to be a Pastor, Priest or Prophet. The chances of him becoming a good member of our society were the most certain. But now it will never be.

If Christpowers was killed, (and we strongly believe he was), then the killers and their political party are doomed. They correctly fit in the description of what was told us.

War mongering agents of the devil working against the run of time.

Prophecy is catching up with them and their evil whereupon they shall be caught at akimbo glorifying ‘gona rinobata mai’. You do not shed innocent blood in and let it be swallowed into the sacred nature of our Zimbabwean soil and expect to get away with it.

A political party is not a government. A government is earthly and subordinate to Jesus.  No ruler is above the law and every earthly law is subject to Heavenly laws. Christians of our land must be allowed peace.

Christians of our land must be given the freedom to practise and preach peace.  Our national people belong to God and earthly authorities are also subjects to Him.

No man in whatever shape or status was allowed and / or mandated to end human life. There is no divineness in allowing gruesome deaths in whatever circumstances.

You do not facilitate one’s ascent to power with the innocent blood of the young and vulnerable children. The evil are doomed, agents of darkness are defeated and the Truth and the Power of right over wrong will prevail!

To the Masowe fraternity we humbly appeal for the following;

  • Please get out of Politics and vote for Jesus! Baba Jowani discussed politics but did not involve Himself in politics. Do not tarnish the image of our good church by supping with evil. I invite you to look at the Godfrey Nzira and Border Gezi examples and where are the two now?
  • Leave politics to the politicians and we concentrate on what was prophesied and see if our God will fail us. You get into politics and you play in the enemy territory. You play in their hands and they can butcher you and hold your lives at ransom. They are fighting for Gold and we are fighting for God. Baba Johane is our only defence but if you join politics you are defying his teachings and you are vulnerable.
  • Can I remind you that after Mugabe there is no other who has so far been prophesied as successor. I will challenge you with the same to question why that has been so. Does that not mean something to you??? I even challenge you to go for prayers about it and ask your vaPorofita from the various corners of our country and if any name pops up you tell me also (my email is below).
  • Please do not assist the enemy. I will remind of the vision/chiratidzo about twins??? Hwedu humambo huri mudenga. Our Kingdom is in Heaven. The earthly kingdom is for them and Mugabe. Remember baba Johane’s warning about ‘…moziva kuti nguva yababa yaswedera….’ What was said about where ‘murume iyeye’ would leave us before he meets with his own fate?

To the wider political society we advise that you mess with vaPositori and you facilitate your demise. There is nothing macho about terrorising innocent Christian families besides registering yourselves and your political parties as unfit to rule over us.

We refuse to be governed by blood mongering people and whose hands are soiled by the blood of our vaPositori children. Remember we are watching and every detail of what you do against us is the exact detail of your exit.

Our God is a God of Peace and Love and remember Jesus is not subordinate to you. He is King and is watching your desperate threats against vaPositori. We will not be intimidated and defeat is yours in the mighty hands of our Loving Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Wilfred Kushure is a member of the Jowani Masowe church and can be reached on [email protected]