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Makandiwa predicts disaster in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe could be plunged into darkness and thousands of people could die due to the collapse of a “great wall” if authorities do not move with speed to avert the looming calamity, United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said.

Emmanuel Makandiwa in service
Emmanuel Makandiwa in service

Below Nehanda Radio reproduce Makandiwa’s prophecies for 2013

“I am not a soccer fan:

I saw a soccer coach who was not feeling well, he went to a match and I saw him getting assassinated, they fly the body back. After investigations, it was discovered it was done by one of them. Although he was not feeling well the fans are now seriously complaining and urging an investigation.

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I see gifted young pastors being raised. and I see a woman being troubled. They will concentrate on the gifts more than holiness. Nobody will be able to control them, these will be having women as their ushering and security.

Gifted but they lack character!

I saw something again. I saw a WALL crying, and the authorities will need to intervene. I Saw thousands dying and thousands in darkness. If a Prophet sees it and it happens but never says it he is in trouble.

I saw tears on the snow, and I saw a woman`s garment, very old garment, and it was coming down. When it was down here it then turned into a flag, then I saw tears on the snow. Lets pray for other countries!

I saw this Harare expiring and I saw another city coming up. Much more beautiful. Like a garden. I saw the plan papers, whether there are there already or not, I can’t say but the spirit will lead me to anyway.

Most of you who are here are going to be buying houses there

So as I see these countries receiving help, they will have to fight against the Dragon, I did not see their faces as there were looking to the sun. Which countries are these, I will give you their names, but let’s pray for them

I saw 3 African countries, Having to fight again for their independence, After their independence, because I saw help getting into their country in the name of “help”, but God said look again, this is colonization, they will have to fight again!

Some of these Prophecies shall not be completed this year but shall begin this year. Stop serving for that it is going to be divine. What you don’t even deserve. But you should pray!

As these stones are coming up , I see these ones coming down, I asked God then I Heard “Control Control Control”, So we should pray!

As other people are all focusing on diamonds, I saw as if , we have not been accepted and appreciated for what we have, but as we prayed I see powerful nations opening their hands receiving our minerals!

To some of you this level that I am at shall be your lowest level. Shout I Receive it, if you believe it

Every month we shall put aside a date when we shall hold all night prayers. Lots is going to be happening form there. If they talked last year this year they shall be talking even much!

You think there is congestion in Towns, I see lots of people including those you could not even imagine will also be driving their own cars

I see the Lord intervening for you at the borders, duties will be slashed down, I see a certain system dying, business shall be easy to do, Making money shall be easy, and you shall be able to glorify God and worship him with substance

This solution that is about to happen has never happened to this country. I saw a precious stone coming out of the ground. As I was praying I saw a wind blowing, as the wind was blowing , then Gold came out.

I saw two mines which were mining something else but mysteriously gold will come out. People are going to even pick up Gold without drilling. Then I heard Go saying “It’s for my People”