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I’m single, ready to mingle: Chirisa

By Brenda Phiri

The best thing about the festive season is that it is so eventful. Diasporans come back home from all corners of the world and you will not believe what the sea just dragged to the shores this time around — Hollywood-based Tongai “Detective Trevor Davies” Arnold Chirisa.

Arnold Chirisa
Arnold Chirisa

Many will remember him from his award-winning performances in local productions such as Studio 263 as well as Tia (Portia Njazi)’s hit “Boy You Got to Know” musical video.

Who will forget his role in Leon’s Schuster’s Mr Borns II, when he made Zimbabwe proud and just as you were thinking he has reached his pin­nacle — he is just getting started. Fast forward to today, the man is hot property in the world’s movie capital in the United States.

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Good thing he is back home for Christmas after five years of globetrotting and don’t we just love it when our boys are back to town? The Herald Entertainment caught up with the main man and we are glad to report that he is not a diva, in fact he is humble.

We are sure a lot of ladies will be interested to know that he is single and searching, but claws off — there are condi­tions. Indeed, he is ready to mingle but before you go gaga he has a list his of features his ideal lady has got to have.

“Yes, I’m single but it’s simply because I respect women and would not want to get involved with some­one that I have no connection with. Besides, I am reserved and have been concentrating more on my career all this time,” said the hunk.

Chirisa has certainly made progress in his career and so far, we proudly welcome him back home because in his own words: “The most genuine appreciation that touches your heart is that which you get from people at home” he said during an interview.

Now at 31 years old, the hunk reminisced where it all began, right after his great trek Down South. Just like any other Zim­babwean, his aim was to advance his career.

“I left for South Africa on a scholarship to study for a bach­elor’s degree in live perform­ance. And shortly after, I began to audition for roles. In 2007, I tried out for Mr Bones II but I almost lost it because they said I was too thin.

“Just as they were about to hire someone else a cou­ple of weeks later I emerged from the gym all pumped up and the rest is history,” he said.

From there, the man worked his way up to Holly­wood where he is currently playing “Man Friday” on the new NBC international television series “Crusoe”, based on the classic story Robinson Crusoe. He plays opposite Philip Winchester and actors Sean Bean and Sam Neil.

He continues to lift the Zimbabwean flag and as much as the South Africans have their Charlize Theron, who has gained international stardom, it is only a matter of time before Chirisa gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Currently living a dream at his base in the heart of Hollywood, the renowned actor mingles with the who’s who in show business.

“I get to meet a lot of stars in auditions and at first it was frustrating especially if you are auditioning for the same part. I used to get into auditions with a defeated mentality as I used to look down upon myself.

However, I have learnt to be confident and because they are highly professional, if you are good at your thing and have required specifications, you will get the role”

“Through that interaction I have had the chance to meet a lot of stars including the ones I grew up admir­ing. I have befriended the likes of Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond Star),” he said.

The award-winning actor emphasised that knowing where he comes from and sticking to his Christian values has helped to keep his head level. Even though he is surrounded by beautiful women, he does not get carried away.

“I know what I want and it is unfortunate that I have not been able to find it. I have no wife, no girl­friend and no kids, nothing.”

Howver, on further quizzing, Chirisa revealed that his ideal woman would have to possess the following: “. . . she should be humble, a Christian who loves Jesus more than she loves me, confident and should not be intimidated by what my career may throw at her”..

Where have all the good men gone? Well, here is one! The Herald