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Leave ‘My Papa’ Uebert Angel alone

Attack on Prophets in Zimbabwe Enough…..

By Tonderai M. Mwareka

I greet you all people.

I have been following with great interest albeit confused about the attack on the Prophets in Zimbabwe especially on Prophet Uebert Angel (My Papa) of Spirit Embassy and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa his brother.

I just need to clear a few things in this first installment of others to follow.

Prophet Uebert Angel
Prophet Uebert Angel

Some have said that these guys are in a business (money making) that they have called Ministries of God. This is not true. Their real business they are in is saving the lost sheep. A lot of people see all those thousands of people attending the church services and say hey, these guys are making a lot of money.

There is no money whatsoever they are making. The problem is that the journalists have been invited to be the ones collecting the tithes, offerings and altars and see how much money is being made but up to now no one have heeded that call.

What are you afraid of? We are still waiting for the day you will take the offer and then you will also be responsible of paying the churches’ expenses from what you will have collected and see for yourself the reality on the ground.

Some people have become confused about some of the miracles that manifest in these churches. It is a high anointing nothing is impossible ( If you read impossible slowly, you will find that it means i’m possible lol).

If there is anyone benefitting from these guys it is us the people of Zimbabwe because some of the miracles even doctors cannot even explain them. Our hospitals and clinics cannot do anything about these diseases but here are Men of God helping and someone demonize them. For what? God forbid (tofiakwa).

Some people have even claimed that they are using God to rob the people here in Zimbabwe. Shame on you. Why have the police not been called into action then? Some of you just say things based on what you hear and rush to publish so that your papers can sell. You are lost.

Some have not even attended any of their services or carried out a proper research on their background like how they grew up, why they became successful and you just rush to publish rubbish. For your on information no one is forced to give money as offering, tithing or altars. It is by choice.

So there is no robbing there. I wish if you could attend only one service for just ‘2 minutes’.

All those negative things are blessings to our spiritual parents and you shall be surprised as God will be lifting them from one level to another and in the process they will not leave us their children. You have not seen anything as yet. We are still in the beginning of the beginning. It was just an introduction.

Wait and see. (muchashama, mugoshamisika uye mugoshamisisika)

One thing is that us as Christians we believe in one God but hey, we put a lot of spanners in the way of other people who have a way of really winning souls. Jesus said ‘…follow me and I will make you fishers of men’. For one to be o fishermen he does not just go with a fishing rod without the worms.

Some preachers their worm is that of teaching the word of God and they have won some souls with that way. My parents their worm is that of microscopic prophecy about your life that leaves you with nothing but to believe God. That is why thousands and thousands of people travel from all over the world for them to come here in Zimbabwe for this wonderful anointing upon these men.

As Christians we want to destroy each other yet we believe in one God  but we allow muslins and other religions here in Zimbabwe and not even say anything even those whop worship the devil are here but people are quite (Not that I am saying they should be attacked or harmed).

But think about it. Oh My God, My God, My God, My God!!!

Reporters here in Zimbabwe have destroyed everything to an extent that no one outside Zimbabwe thinks there is anything good that comes out of Zimbabwe.

These Prophets with their work have put Zimbabwe on the map and hundreds and hundreds of people come from Africa and beyond to experience this anointing and are really benefitting but you as Zimbos want to destroy it again. You will not succeed. This is too hot and heavy for you.

Actually we are thinking of lobbying the Minister of Tourism (as children of the Prophets) to actually honor these men because they have increased the inflow of tourists to Zimbabwe. Can you not appreciate this? They are actually a tourist attraction pavari paye.

Surely a prophet does not have honor in his home country. People in other countries experience great miracles and us who are close to these people what do we have?

If anyone still doubt I want to take this opportunity to invite you all to the Crossover Night at the City Sports Center on the 31st of December especially those from the so called diaspora since you will be on holiday and see Major Prophet doing some crazy stuff there.

You will be left with nothing but to believe God and confess that surely this is a Prophet from God (ask the Tswanas and the Zambians, Havana neremuromo even Namibians oh South Africans as well ask anyone who have experienced the anointing iwe hauzomboda!!!).

For surely as children of Prophets we are indeed crossing over and we are not going to have any carryovers. Come 2013 you will be shocked for in deed we shall be move from one place to the other. We shall be going upwards and forward and never downwards and backwards.

I will be back the first week of January with the second one. Those who will insult me for this article, well, I take the insults as blessings.

Do not forget Crossover Night 31 December 2012 City Sports Center. (Musakanganwe manheru ekuyambuka musi wa 31 Zvita munhandare inoitwa zvemitambo muguta re Harare)

Sign off. If you do not believe in them leave those who believe follow them period.

Son of Major

Tonderai M. Mwareka