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Many Men Are After Me Says Taken Beverly

HARARE – Popular and controversial pole dancer, Beverly Sibanda aka Bev says she was being chased by so many men that she had to hire a manager.

Beverly and her Sexy Angels on stage
Beverly and her Sexy Angels on stage

“I have met a lot of men who think I am loose and have phoned me on the pretext of hiring me only to change subjects later. But I have found a way to avoid such incidents as (now)everyone else has to deal with my manager. You can only hire me through my manager.”

She says, contrary to what her haters would like the world to believe, she is not performing in clubs so as to snatch other women’s husbands. The dancer, who has become a hit in Harare’s night clubs because of her raunchy dances, has been accused in other circles of seducing married men.

Bev said she believes in her work as a nightclub strip-tease dancer as it brings food on her table. “I am in a steady relationship for your own information and I love my man. I am already taken and those who still think I am a free agent have missed out — it is too late.

“I do not perform in clubs to hunt for men. Ask the men who come to my showcases. I do not fool around as my haters would like Zimbabweans to believe,” said Bev.

She said it is good to have her man away from the public eye. “At 21 I am still young and have a lot of dreams up my sleeve and once I am ready for marriage — which might take years — I will take up the challenge.”

A mother of one, first and foremost her role was to take care of her son, aged four, “I have to provide for my son and it takes my hard work to be able to do that. I need accommodation and food; which is what I am basically working for.”

Bev said she has managed to juggle between her family and career, “It has never been easy especially for my son because he cries every night I leave for performances. But he is getting used to it and I always find him fast asleep when I come back from work.”

For the sexy dancer, breaking into the showbiz circuit was no easy walk. As the last born in a family of 10, her family members are happy for her success.

“They are happy for me and most times they advise me. Like they can say ‘Bev, please tone down your erotic dances’ And I do listen to them.”

And Bev does not care what haters move around saying about her. “I do not care at all. I know haters are out there, always talking nonsense about my performances, but who cares really? I do not care because my life is moving while theirs might be stagnant. In life one has to be wise and be able to fight for their own space — be it in showbiz or even at home or school. You need the courage, especially as a woman to stand for what you believe in.”

“People will talk; they have always talked; but one has to ask — is their talking going to give me a life. Will it send my son to school?”

Bev said she is a professional and she manages her dances to suit particular events.

“While I perform at family shows and in nightclubs, the performances are different. In the nightclubs I give revellers erotic dances because that is what they want and they come to see that. If I do not perform to their expectation, then I lose business.

“I have performed at several family shows and these are usually gigs in collaboration with live bands. When I perform for families my dances are not erotic because I would be performing for children and entire families,” said the sexy showbiz entertainer.

Bev has been to some clubs in Harare where things are actually getting out of hand. “There are clubs whose female dancers are too erotic and during their acts they reveal more than is expected. I have never exposed my privates to revellers and I am always dressed in costumes that cover my body sufficiently.”

“At the moment we are dancing sungura and we can do it so perfect that a lot of people have been surprised. Our duty when in nightclubs is to entertain revellers so they enjoy their drinks. We are there to entertain patrons and we know what revellers want to see and simply give them that,” she said.

A local tobacco company has featured the sexy model on its advertisements. “Yes, that is a big deal. You know, I come out well on photographs and the company decided to use my image. I am confident and a complete model. I hope to get more engagements.”

Bev’s dream is to tour overseas. “I need to break onto the international market and am working hard towards that. Maybe I will accompany these superstars when they go on tour. I can accompany them as a dancer.”

Bev would like to produce videos of her showcases. “Very soon we will be putting together some videos.”

While she is popular in Harare’s nightclubs, Bulawayo has also caught to the “Bev mania”. “I was in Bulawayo just last week and it was magical there. We are spreading to all towns and so far we are happy with the response.” It was also interesting to note that women enjoyed her showcases.

“The women are always pestering me to come and perform at certain clubs because they know they also make business when I perform. So you see, when I perform it is not me who is after men, it is the patrons who as adults among themselves agree to mischief. Not Bev!”

The dancer was not disturbed with recent media reports that she and another sexy dancer, Zoey were to be arrested by police over their erotic dances. She has since been arrested.

“Zoey and I have not done anything wrong. We have not provoked anyone and we do not perform for revellers who do not love what we do. Audiences actually pay to see us dance and we do not force people to come and watch our showcases. Anyone coming in nightclubs has to be over 18 years — period.” Daily News