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Raunchy dancers Beverly, Zoey face arrest

By Staff Reporter

Police Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka has issued a stern warning to popular female dancers including household names Beverly Sibanda and Zoey Sifelani that they risk being arrested for public indecency.

Bev and her Sexy Angels group
Bev and her Sexy Angels group

Mandipaka said female dancers who are in the habit of stripping and dancing in semi-nude state should desist from such behaviour as it was tantamount to public indecency.

“Dancing is not bad if they dance with their clothes on but when they remove their clothes and become semi naked in full view of the public, then it becomes an offence.

“That is not acceptable and if they continue doing that they will be arrested and be charged with public indecency. Besides, that is against our moral values as a nation,” Mandipaka said.

SELF-proclaimed founder of pole dancing in Zimbabwe Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani
SELF-proclaimed founder of pole dancing in Zimbabwe Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani

Of late dancers Zoey and Beverly’s dance routines have included calling male revellers on stage and simulate a sexual act. Recently, Zoey was reportedly stripped to the nude by a male reveller at a Bulawayo pub.

Zoey said she is not threatened by Mandipaka’s threats arguing that she is acting within the confines of the law.

“They (police) sometimes harass me but I always produce a licence that I was given by the Censorship Board that allows the costumes that I wear. I have never stripped naked or exposed by breasts at any of my shows, so I am a law abiding citizen and artiste,” said Zoey.

Beverly also absolved herself from any wrongdoing.

“I do not strip men but after calling them on stage I only remove their shirts not trousers as a way of making fun with my fans so I don’t see anything indecent about that,” said Beverly.