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Ndabaningi Sithole’s widow dies in the US

Vesta Zvemwaida Saungweme Sithole, the 71 year old widow of the late founding president of Zanu, Ndabaningi Sithole, died in the United States on Thursday after a long battle with cancer.

Vesta Sithole dies
Vesta Sithole dies

Confirming her sister’s death on Friday, Nancy Saungweme said “She died yesterday in the United States after a long battle with cancer. We have lost a sister and caring mother. Vesta was the first born in our family.”

“In 1964 she left Zimbabwe for Zambia and Tanzania, ending her nursing career at Mpilo Central Hospital midway to contribute to the liberation struggle. She is one of the few women who joined the liberation struggle,” said Nancy.

Her eldest son, Gwalugano Mwakalyelye, said from Tanzania that his mother died of liver cancer which had spread to other organs of the body.

Vesta was the author of a book entitled: My Life With An Unsung Hero – Memoirs of a Zimbabwean Woman Freedom Fighter which highlighted the role played by her late husband in Zimbabwe’s liberation history.

Mourners are gathered at number 19 Rothesay Road, Avondale in Harare.