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Alick Macheso moves second wife next door

By Sharon Kavhu

Alick Macheso has moved his second wife Tafadzwa from her Eastlea lodgings to within a stone’s throw of Nyadzisai, the first wife’s Waterfalls home.

Alick Macheso and his two wives
Alick Macheso and his two wives

In confirming the development, Macheso said the move is meant to cement family rela­tions and is explor­ing the option of building a bigger house, possi­bly in the same neighbour­hood, that can accommodate the two wives.

Macheso recently moved from his Chitung­wiza base to the newly built house in Water­falls, despite earlier declarations that he would not leave his “city of birth”. He cut his musical teeth in the sprawling satel­lite town.

“Yes, it is true that a few weeks ago, Tafadzwa joined us in Waterfalls although she is staying a few houses away from my newly built house,” said the sungura artiste.

He added that the move was to bring his family together although the two wives are staying in separate houses. “It is essential for a family to stay together or even close to each other because it brings har­mony,” Macheso said.

Erstwhile sworn “ghetto boy” Alick Macheso finally moved from Chitungwiza to his new house in Waterfalls.
Erstwhile sworn “ghetto boy” Alick Macheso finally moved from Chitungwiza to his new house in Waterfalls.

When he was asked why he did not move Tafadzwa into the newly built house, he said that the house they built cannot accommodate the two wives and their fur­niture.

“They cannot stay together under the newly built house because they have more property for one house. Currently I am renting a full house for Tafadzwa while Nyadzisai is using the newly built one,” explained Macheso.

“However, my wish is to make them stay together, therefore, I am looking for a double stand maybe in Waterfalls or any other better place. As soon as I get one, I will start building a big house that will accom­modate my two wives.”

He said the two wives have no problem stay­ing together and they are also for the idea of sharing one roof. In some polygamous affairs, the wives are not willing to share a roof, but Macheso said his wives are differ­ent. He boasted that the two wives love each other and they even act like sis­ters.

“Unlike any other polygamous families, we are one happy family with one love,” boldly declared Macheso.

“My two wives visit each other fre­quently like sisters and they support each other in everything they do. As I speak, we are coming from a doctor’s appointment in Ruwa to check on Amai Sharon’s headache and Amai Junior is by her side.”

To prove his point, Macheso made the two wives speak to The Sunday Mail Leisure over the phone to show their oneness. Nyadzisai said: “We are one family and we love each other that is why we support each other.”

To buttress what Nyadzisai had said, Tafadzwa chipped in: “We are all here at the hospital to support amaiguru and this shows how united we are. In most cases we are always together.”

Macheso dismissed talk that Tafadzwa earns US$1 000 per week and asserted that his wives are liv­ing equally and happily. He said he would not divulge how exactly his family is liv­ing because he wants to live a pri­vate life. Sunday Mail