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‘He steals my wet knickers for juju’ woman tells court

A HARARE woman left the court in stitches after she revealed that her ex-boyfriend has a tendency of stealing her wet underwear, which he uses for ritual purposes. Dawn Chikunguruwo brought her ex-boyfriend Lloyd Madzivanyika to the civil courts seeking a peace order against him.

'He steals my wet knickers for juju' woman tells court
‘He steals my wet knickers for juju’ woman tells court

Chikunguruwo told the presiding magistrate Mr Milton Serima that she used to co-habit with Madzivanyika at her house, but later ejected him.

“I ordered him to move out because he was not paying rent and during those days he would steal my wet pants,” she said. “He believes in witchdoctors and he still has the propensity of stealing them (panties) from our washing line. I believe he takes them to a witch doctor for ritual purposes because after using them he returns them after some time onto the same washing line. I ordered him to leave the house because of irreconcilable differences.”

She added that she chased Madzivanyika after her landlord complained over his late payment of rentals. “Everytime I try to confront him over stealing my panties he insults me using vulgar words and threatens me with unspecified action,” she said.

In his counter arguments, Madzivanyika dismissed the allegations saying Chikunguruwo was fabricating the case against him in an attempt to attract the court’s sympathy. “All she is saying against me is not true and she wants to strengthen the case against me,” said Madzivanyika.

“She does not love me and I have accepted it already and that is why I am no longer staying with her. I don’t consult witchdoctors with her underwear like she is claiming.” Mr Serima ruled that Madzivanyika should stop stealing her underwear and ordered him to refrain from abusing, harassing and using violence against her former girlfriend.