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Guns could save innocent lives in Zimbabwe


By Collen Makumbirofa

It is always a humanistic and pagan concept of peace that citizens should not be armed to protect their wives, children and property from  criminals. It cannot be disputed with success that guns save innocent lives from assailants.

Guns could save innocent lives in Zimbabwe
Guns could save innocent lives in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe people are being abducted and murdered or tortured by state sponsored criminals. Women are being raped by state sanctioned militias. Tight gun control laws have left millions of Zimbabweans virtual unarmed and more vulnerable to criminals.

ZANU PF terrorist and criminals were able to commit genocide in 1983 because the Ndebele people were not armed. If the Ndebele’s were armed that could have saved many innocent lives. Today, Zimbabwe will not be mourning 40 000 Ndebeles who died in genocide. Often victims of genocide are disarmed citizens.

Immaturity blinds us from seeing long term consequence’s of certain ideas. Surrendering the right to self-defense is tantamount to committing suicide. Most genocides are preceded by ‘Gun Control’ laws.

In Rwanda the Tusti’s were disarmed before being massacred. It’s better to get a Civil War than to get genocide. The truth is that many people die in genocide than civil war. Self- defense is honorable and holy. Love must compel us to provide security to children, women and our neighbor.

The wicked shall always be there and God has not left us at the mercy of these criminals. Our lives are precious to God. Self-defense is Biblical. Guns are good, if properly used they prevent rape, robbery and murder such as going on in Zimbabwe.

The new MDC government upon assuming office must allow citizens to be armed. Potential tyrants do not want citizens to be armed. The modern government like a god is jealous of its power and does not want strong families and defensive communities.

Pacifism is wrong. God is not a pacifist nor was Jesus a pacifist as the rebellious, modern Church depicts Him. Jesus commanded his disciples to be armed with swords for their defense from bandits. Many people try to spiritualise this, but before long we see Peter using the sword in John 18:10.

In verse 11, Jesus commanded Peter to put the sword in its proper place, this, clearly show that Peter was used to carry this sword. Peter was rebuked because he wanted to use the sword to defend the Lord, Jesus Christ.

You can defend yourself or your neighbor not Christ who could send a  legion to crush His enemies. Furthermore the disciples did not wait for Jesus to answer them, “Lord shall we strike with the Sword?” Luke 22:49.

In the Bible God is depicted as a warrior or lion of the tribe of Judah. If God is not a pacifist, therefore, His children cannot be pacifists. It is immaturity to blame knives and guns which can be used for good – self-defense.

Any nation that denies the truth about self-defense and guns will end up being enslaved and abused by dictators. Please support the struggle for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe.

Collen Makumbirofa runs the Foundation of Reason & Justice and can be contacted on [email protected] or on Skype: society2020