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On the Pulse with film maker Demetria Karongah

A few days before the launch of the film “The In-laws” SW Radio Africa journalist Lance Guma spoke to the film’s producer Demetria Karongah, a self motivated Zimbabwean who currently lives in the U.K.

On the Pulse with film maker Demetria Karongah
On the Pulse with film maker Demetria Karongah

Tell us about Demetria Karongah, who is she?

Demetria Karongah is a Film maker, Producer, Director, Script writer and an Award winner Actress for her role in her first film called THORNS as Nyuru.

You have a new film out (The In-laws) tell us about the storyline?

The In-Laws is my second feature film a hilarious comedy drama, that revolves around clashes of belief systems and differences that are brought about by interracial marriages.

In this Film Mr and Mrs Sibanda travel from Africa to Europe to attend their daughter’s graduation ceremony they had a massive culture shock when they met their European daughter in law.

Mrs Sibanda stops at nothing  to dissolve her son’s marriage and at the same time their Daughter in law Shaniqua goes on a rampage to make sure her culture is understood by her In-laws.

How long did the film take to put together and who are the people that helped you along the way?

Pre- Production including script development took 9mnths

–        In Pre-Production I worked with Abraham Chipuriro and Achibald

Production took 14 days

–        Production I had Tawanda Chimuzinga; Tony Mliswa; Tendai Mudhliwa; Tinotenda Rudenya; Ashley Majaya; Tracey Makaza

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Post production took 6 months

–        I had Myren Matsvimbo; Tony Mliswa; Ashley Majaya; Rufaro Kaseke, Godwin Ngulube;

Talk us through your cast. I see you have popular DJ King Alfred making an appearance?

We have a mixture of experienced and new cast: Mr and Mrs Sibanda this was their both first film. Shaniqua, Faith and Munya they are all in my previous film called THORNS. King Alfred is also new in the Film Industry but he suited the role of Joe and I know King from School as he was my classmate. This was also Chelsea’s first film as my niece I knew that she will nail Chelsea’s role.

This is not your first film I take it? You were also behind the film Thorns. How did that one do?

Yes this is not my first Film, My first one was THORNS which I also wrote, Produced and acted as the leading role Nyuru, not that I wanted to act but we did not have money to pay cast so decided to take up the roles ourselves.

Thorns did well for a first film it was in cinemas 2009 in Zimbabwe and we’re still selling the DVD, digital downloads and pay per view through zollywoodzim website.

I also produced a short Film called MAIDEI MEETS EUROPE which we will be also screening on the Premiere the 28/7/12. I featured as a leading actress in the film TO THE END OF THE ROAD which will be also screened around September this year

I broke my leg rehearsing for another film called ZAMBEZI which I was supposed to be shooting this summer in Zimbabwe but unfortunately I couldn’t due to my injury and I am also a Co-Producer for Zambezi.

How challenging is it being not only a woman but also film making in the Diaspora? Is that an advantage in terms of resources?

It is very challenging Making Low to no Budget Films in Diaspora having to juggle from your fulltime job and getting time to write scripts, and expected to meet your family duties.

It’s down to your passion that’s what drives you to be able to juggle all three expectations. Having said that being in Diaspora is an advantage in terms of technical resources, you can get all you need as long as you have your finance.

Tell us about the premiere this weekend. Where will it be held and how do people get there?

The Premiere is this weekend and it will be held: University of Bedfordshire, Luton Campus Theatre, Park Square Saturday, 28th of July 2012, 6:00 PM, Red Carpet Event, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3JU, UK.

The After Party 9:00 PM till Late, Ignatius Sabau DJ SAB SPD, ALL WHITE PARTY, Golden Lounge, Unit 35 Barton Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 3LH, UK, Live Performances from: Decibel, B Kay n Kazz, Nash Daddie,Lyfe Martinez.

Its Easy to get to Luton Campus, those driving use Junction 10 off M1 first round about take first exit to London Road, it will take you in to another big round about after Matalan on the left side.

Take third exit then immediate left after round about that will take you to set of traffic lights and that’s park square road where the University is but it’s a one way so you need to go round or start to look for parking. SW Radio Africa