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Bishop says sexual abuse charges thrown out

By Esther Gomo

Nearly two years ago Bishop Daniel Gwedegwe was dragged to court facing charges that he had touched his 24 year old sister-in-laws private parts.

Bishop Gwedegwe with his lawyer at the Harare Magistrate Court
Bishop Gwedegwe (left) with his lawyer at the Harare Magistrate Court

The complainant sensationally claimed that Gwedegwe would sometimes kneel and touch her private organ and kiss her breasts. This was said to have started sometime in 2005 when the Bishop’s wife was in the United Kingdom.

The Bishop from the Pentecostal Revival Ministries International in Harare has now set the record straight with Nehanda Radio telling us the case was thrown out on the 27th of January 2011 at the Rotten Row Magistrates Courts.

Bishop Gwedegwe said “this case should not have passed the Public Relations Desk at the police Charge Office where I was the complainant turned accused. The Public Prosecutor should have seen the dubious nature of the charges.”

“This was a forced matter of collusion between corrupt Police Officers and corrupt PPs who demanded bribes and I refused. My persecution at the hands of an institution that was supposed to protect me will be challenged in due course.

“I am happy to let you know that the complainant was exposed and her lies made bare and also her former boyfriend who was the game player was arrested at court and handed over to neutral investigation officers.”

Gwedegwe told us that the investigations led to the “recovery of my property which was at the centre of all this hullabaloo regarded in Zimbabwe as a matter to go before the courts wasting tax payer’s money.” Nehanda Radio