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Zambian Big Brother sisters speak in tongues

It’s clearly stipulated by the Big Brother rules that ” No other language apart from English shall be spoken in the House”.

Zambian sisters Tamara and Talia
Zambian sisters Tamara and Talia

However the two Zambian sisters seem to have not gotten that clearly because after they were done with their lengthy photography task, Tamara and Talia went up to the bedroom and started talking in a language which was far away from English.

It looked like these two sisters forgot the Big Man whose rules are working in the game and that he’s always listening and watching with the use of the microphones and cameras everywhere respectively.

Basing on the fact that the Housemates are aware that Big Brother is the Big Boss of Stargame and breaking his rules leads to serious punishments we hope that Tamara and Talia are ready for their punishment. Big Brother normally gives a stern warning to the Housemates for breaking the rules.

Having not learned from their fellow Housmates for the punishments they were given it looks like the two sisters are in real trouble.

Do you think that Big Brother will forgive them or they deserve the punishment just like any other Housemate?