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Female rapist pounces on Karoi pastor

A KAROI pastor was recently forced to be intimate with a woman while her two male accomplices stood guard before robbing him of US$30. The pastor (name supplied) was offered a lift in a maroon Toyota Ipsum whose registration numbers are unknown in Karoi town centre to Chiedza Township at around midnight last Friday.

Gweru female rapist suspects at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison
Gweru female rapist suspects at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison: Their case is still pending in the courts as the state waits for DNA test results from South Africa

The pastor — who also doubles as a vendor — was on his way from Kariba where he had gone to sell tomatoes when he waved down the car for a lift. He had left for Kariba two days earlier. Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara, confirmed the incident, adding that the matter was reported under Crime Reference Number CR141/03/12 on Saturday morning.

“We are investigating a matter in which a man was forced to be intimate with a woman after being offered a lift to his home in Chiedza township,” he said.

He said investigations were in progress and no arrests have been made so far. The pastor boarded the vehicle, which had two males and a female passenger. They drove towards Harare and turned along Maunga Road, which passes through Chiedza township to villages and resettlement areas in Maunga.

However, to his surprise they passed the Hwata turn-off leading to Chiedza township and he tried to inquire where they were taking him but the two men threatened to assault him. They drove for about five kilometres and stopped before the two men ordered him to have sexual intercourse with the woman inside the car while they watched.

He refused and they threatened him with unspecified action and he had unprotected sex with the woman. “We strongly suspect that the woman was wearing a female condom although the complainant has not indicated whether protection of the female type was used,” said Insp Mabgweazara.

After the act, the gang demanded cash before they drove off towards Karoi leaving him stranded. He reported the matter at Karoi Central Police Station the following day at around 10am. Police have warned people against using private vehicles saying it made investigations difficult in the event that something went wrong.

“People should also avoid moving around at night when they do not have guaranteed safe and reliable transport. The time he was travelling was too late and also the fact that he used a private vehicle makes things difficult,” said Insp Mabgweazara.