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Mugabe supporters need psychological help — Ncube

By Xolisani Ncube

HARARE – Leader of the smaller MDC faction, Welshman Ncube says people who still support the former ruling party Zanu PF need psychological help. He said this while addressing a poorly attended rally in rural Chikomba yesterday afternoon.

Welshman Ncube was addressing a poorly attended rally in rural Chikomba
Welshman Ncube was addressing a poorly attended rally in rural Chikomba

Ncube said because of its violent nature, Zanu PF has lost its appeal and anyone still routing for it, is a mental case.

“A normal person cannot support such a party, its history is known even by a child that it uses violence and has got no future for the young people,” Ncube said adding that the reason why Zimbabwe is facing hunger and poverty is because the party leader President Robert Mugabe is now “an old man”.

“With all the poverty and hunger what do you think Mugabe can do as an old man who sleeps all the time,” Ncube said. In addition, Ncube said Mugabe has nothing more to offer the country.

“What can he do that he could not have done as a young revolutionary? Why do you think the same man who destroyed the country in 30 years can mend it in 2013?

“You say you cannot go because of the land revolution? Go, we will take over the land revolution. Remember we are the children of the same revolution that brought about the independence,” Ncube said.

Turning onto the coalition government issues, Ncube said there is no way Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara can make binding decisions for the country without him because he is a legitimate leader of a political party that is a signatory of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

“We will not accept that and that is not binding. We have a difficulty of an illegitimate structure purporting to make decisions that affect three parties yet we are only two parties.

“We make it clear that in any fora where Mutambara sits not as Deputy Prime Minister or on government business and take part in decisions, we will not and I repeat, not recognise that,” Ncube said.

The three political party principals met on Wednesday in a meeting that discussed among other things the expiry of police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri’s term of office, electoral law reforms and several other issues. Daily News