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Man fondles mother-in-law’s buttocks

By Stanford Chiwanga

BULAWAYO- A punch-drunk man from Bulawayo’s National Railways of Zimbabwe Westgate compound is in trouble with his in-laws after he mistook his visiting mother-in-law for his wife and fondled her buttocks.

Man fondles mother-in-law
Man fondles mother-in-law

According to sources, the incident happened on Unity Day on Thursday last week when the man, Mr Tinashe Moyo (32), came home intoxicated to the point of disorientation and found his mother-in-law, Mrs Rosemary Ndiweni (48), washing the dishes and stroked her butt.

Despite Mrs Ndiweni’s attempts to dissuade him, Mr Moyo, convinced that his wife was playing-hard-to-get, continued petting his mother-in-law’s behind. The error of his actions only dawned on him when his wife, Mrs Thobekile Moyo (nee Ndiweni, 30), rushed to the kitchen after hearing her mother’s cry for help.

In an interview, Mr Moyo admitted fondling his mother-in-law but refused to shed more light on the incident.

“I’d rather not talk about that as we are yet to sit down and talk with my in-laws. All I can say is that it was a mistake. I thought she was my wife. I have apologised to her many times and I hope she finds the strength to forgive me,’’ said Mr Moyo.

The mother-in-law, who was still visibly angered by the whole drama, said her son-in-law had exhibited disrespect of the highest order and must recompense for molesting her.

“He must pay for what he did. I hope the elders deal with him severely. He might have been drunk but that is no excuse for him to act like that. I want him to be punished for what he did. I want him to suffer like I did,’’ said Mrs Ndiweni.

An insider from the Ndiweni clan who insisted anonymity let slip that Mr Moyo could be made to give his mother-in-law a beast for damages. Mrs Ndiweni narrated her ordeal at the hands of her son-in-law and said she was disgusted by his actions.

She said: “I didn’t know what to do, I was so petrified. I feared that he was going to rape me. I tried to push him away but he kept coming back. I realised that he had mistaken me for my daughter because he kept calling me by her name. I know that it was an accident but still, I am beyond sick about it.’’

Mrs Ndiweni’s husband was not available for comment but he is believed to be foaming at the mouth with rage. Mr Moyo’s wife revealed that she was disappointed by what happened but refused to condemn her husband.

“What happened was unfortunate and it could not have happened if my husband was sober because I know for a fact that he respects my mother. I also understand my mother’s reaction. She has the right to be angry. I just hope this case will be handled in a mature and level-headed manner,’’ said Mrs Moyo. Sunday News