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Stripper, Sele clash over Peter Moyo’s ‘heart’

By Nigel Pfunde and Mirirai Nsingo

Newly ordained Utakataka Express heir, Peter Moyo, is the latest ladies’ ‘magnet’ in town amid reports that women are literally fighting for him.

The latest such incident occurred at City Sports Bar last Sunday when a popular dancer only identified as Beverly, who is believed to be obsessed with Peter, had a near fist fight with former Miss Matofotofo Monica ‘Sele’ Chikasha over the young Igwe.

Peter Moyo is the latest ladies 'magnet' in town
Peter Moyo is the latest ladies 'magnet' in town

The scuffle occurred at the backstage and spilled into the club, attracting revellers’ attention. Both parties CONFIRMED the clash. “Yes, I had a clash with Monica because she was de-campaigning me to Peter,” said Beverly whose claim to fame is her pole dancing and raunchy antics at Alick Macheso’s shows.

Beverly – a world class pole dancer at THE GENTLEMEN’S CORNER at a popular night club – is said to be obsessed with Peter to the extent that Peter had to change his mobile numbers to avoid her calls. Peter CONFIRMED changing his number and dissociated himself from any romantic affair with Beverly whom he said was his friend’s girlfriend.

“Well, I know Beverly because she is my friend’s girlfriend who is also a musician (name withheld). “I heard there was a fight but I got into my car just after leaving the stage and I don’t even know who fought and for what reason,” said Peter who articulately made it clear that he had sketchy details of the fight.

Peter Moyo and girlfriend Mercy Gumbo
Peter Moyo and girlfriend Mercy Gumbo

When contacted for comment, Monica acknowledged that she had a clash with Beverly but it was minor and people were just blowing it out of proportion. She said she was protecting her ‘son’ Peter and wouldn’t want to see him hanging around bad company. “It was not a serious clash, I just asked her what she was doing back stage after I was told that she was stalking Peter,” said Monica.

Information reaching H-Metro has it that Beverly was seducing Peter but he was spurning her moves since he is in a stable relationship. On the night in question, Monica spotted Beverly speaking to one of Utakataka loyalists and Dhewa’s friend Barnet “Mhosva” Mutosvori and asked him – in Beverly’s presence – to protect Peter from ‘predators’ like Beverly.

Mhosva then told Beverly that Monica had labelled her bad company for Peter and that’s when the scuffle ensued. Beverly however claimed that Peter is the one who loves her and not vice-versa.

“I have never made any advances on Peter. In fact, Peter is the one who called me to Kwekwe last month and booked me into some lodge.  “I really don’t know what his intentions were, maybe anondidawo but aikwata kutaura. (He probably wanted to make advances but might have been scared to pour his feelings out).

“His manager asked me what I was doing in Kwekwe on the day in question and I told him that Peter is the one who phoned and asked me to come to Kwekwe,” she said. Peter however rubbished these claims. “Those are lies, how I can invite my friend’s girlfriend. “My brother I am not that stupid,” said Peter. Beverly also blasted Monica.

“Monica is going around saying bad things about me. She is the one who is after Peter. Ever since Dhewa passed away, she has taken a liking to Peter. She actually told me to stay away from Peter as she claimed kuti akamusiirwa naTongai.

“To save myself from being beaten up, I LIED to Monica that I am dating Sulu because ndaida kumukaurisa. Haana munhu waasingade mumamusic circles.

“Even if I was to date Peter, at least I’m of the same age with him. “Monica is old enough to be Peter’s mother anyway. “As far as I’m concerned, Peter and I are very close friends and I’m not sure if he might have feelings for me but he is scared,” said Beverly as if she had not made advances on Peter.

Monica scoffed at Beverly’s allegations.

“Peter is like a son to me and I will protect him from girls like Beverly. “He is young and talented and as Tongai’s big fan I feel it is my duty to protect his son and keep the music going on. “Let me also put it clear that there was no BIG clash between me and Beverly I simply asked her simple questions.

“She told me that she was not targeting Peter but some other musician that I will not disclose. “Spencer then told me that Peter had to change his phone number because of Beverly’s calls,” said Monica who was suggesting that Beverly had become Peter’s bug-a-boo.

Meanwhile, another fight over Peter Moyo reportedly erupted just after his show on the same night. It also involved two other women whose identities are currently being withheld. H Metro