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Chisora says he was robbed in Helenius fight

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe born former British Heavyweight boxing champion Derek “Del Boy” Chisora has claimed that “the whole world saw yet another travesty in our beloved sport” after judges ‘dubiously’ awarded the vacant ECB belt to his opponent, Robert Helenius.

Derek “Del Boy” Chisora squares up to Robert Helenius
Derek “Del Boy” Chisora squares up to Robert Helenius

Over the weekend legendary boxing promoter Frank Warren called for an immediate rematch between Chisora and Helenius after the Zimbabwean’s controversial defeat in a heavyweight title bout in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Chisora won the vacant European title by a clear majority on most scorecards, but two of those that mattered on the night had Helenius ahead 115-113, with the Zimbabwean up by the same score on the third.

Warren was left fuming over what he termed “one of the worst decisions I’ve seen in the sport” after two judges gave it to Helenius with scores of 115-113, while one judge scored it in Chisora’s favour with a score of 115-113. Warren has also vowed to lobby the European Boxing Union (EBU) in a bid to force a rematch. Respected trainer Freddie Roach branded the decision “just terrible”.

In statement sent to Nehanda Radio.com, Chisora on Tuesday said “calls and messages of support following my supposed “loss” to Robert Helenius, have compelled me to break my silence. So bad was the call that I felt I could have just stayed away in north London and watched Helenius’ “coronation” as European Boxing’s Lord and Emperor in the comfort of home on the telly!” Chisora said.

“I am not one to moan and bleat about a bad result. The heavyweight I am is built to take knocks and trips, my champion instincts cajole me to stand up when I fall or lose; and the disciplined professional athlete in me is ever gracious even in the most unjust defeats. And as Saturday’s is one – and a glaring, blatant one – I feel it’s only fair that I demand an immediate rematch against Helenius.

“The thousands who came to see the fight in that massive Hartwall Areena on Saturday will at the very least privately admit shock and surprise at the decision. Millions other boxing fans watching the bout on the small screens; and starved of a true and exciting heavyweight champion for years, felt as sour in the mouth as I did after the fight.

“For me, these are the people who matter because the fans are more important judges than anyone else in my trade and industry. Those judges overlook one very important fact. Saturday’s result will do little to drag the reputation of the world heavyweight boxing category out of the state of crisis which many observers, pundits and fans feel it is enmeshed in.

“When I was in that ring alone with Helenius, I saw a lot which no one else in world except the two of us did. Robert will be the first to admit that I gave him the fright of his life. I felt it, I smelt and I touched it. And if he is man enough, he will put that belt back on the table, and I can promise the world, this time I will knock him out and mop the canvas with his head!” he added.

On Saturday it was rough justice on Chisora, who looked back to his best after suffering the first defeat of his career against Tyson Fury earlier in the year when he endured a troubled preparation. Nehanda Radio.com