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Sex mad Herald editor preys on students

By Langton Mbeva

Today Nehanda Radio.com can reveal that Caesar Zvayi, the Deputy Editor of the state owned Herald newspaper, is a sex mad maniac who preys on vulnerable university and college students who are placed on attachment at the paper.

Vulnerable university student Robina Mangadze (left) was forced to give ‘Caesar what does not belong to Caesar’
Vulnerable university student Robina Mangadze (left) was forced to give ‘Caesar what does not belong to Caesar’

We have information that in 2009, Zvayi made advances on a student from the Midlands State University (MSU) called Robina Mangadze. The English and Communication student was placed on attachment at the Herald and after relentless advances from Zvayi, caved in and had a brief affair with him.

But as with all ‘carpet attachments’, there were ‘strings’ attached to the relationship and when she tried to end it, Zvayi turned her life into a living hell. First he made sure she ‘was chased away like a dog’ from the Herald and he also ‘failed’ her by giving low marks for her ‘industrial attachment.’

Robina, we are told eventually completed her attachment at the Standard newspaper in Harare. Robina unfortunately is not the only victim. Many other vulnerable girls and women are being subjected to his advances and he is allegedly abusing his position to ‘get Caesar what does not belong to Caesar,” a source said.

Zvayi who has worked tirelessly to cast himself as Mugabe’s media foot soldier is in fact a former sworn Mugabe critic and MDC activist. He was a former student leader at Bindura University of Science Education.

“He shocked students in 1998 when he revealed to a general meeting during a demonstration that Mugabe was ruining the country because he was not a Zimbabwean but a Malawian with no ancestral attachment to the country.

He often referred to Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s Malawian President accusing him of spending more time flying to Malawi and other countries around the globe because he did not have attachment to the country. In fact he referred to Mugabe as Robert Gabriel Garamundege Matibiri Mugabe much to the cheer of other students.

Zvayi then became MDC activist in Chitungwiza before becoming the representative of the militant Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) at Zengeza 1 High School where he was a geography teacher.

An article quoting his close friends described him as a “power hungry attention seeker, a political turncoat, a polished pretender and a mercenary who was bootlicking Mugabe and defending ZANU PF for the money and material benefits that come with such political adultery.

“Since his new found pre-occupation as the devil’s advocate, Zvayi now boasts of a senior post in the state run newspaper, a company car, a government rented flat in central Harare, a farm and several other material benefits that the MDC and the PTUZ failed to give him between 1999 and 2002,” the source told one website.