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Jonathan Moyo is ‘worse than the Taliban’

A piece of folk wisdom says that one should never enter into a pissing contest with a skunk – for very obvious reasons.

Jonathan Moyo (Centre) in Parliament
Jonathan Moyo (Centre) in Parliament

Indeed any engagement, of whatever form or nature, with United States’ “most useful messenger” in Zimbabwe Jonathan Moyo — to the uninitiated — would generally not be seen as a productive endeavour in polite and sane company.

The notorious political flip-flopper is not just an arrogant and obnoxious human being at a personal level, he is also a toxic political warlord who relishes anarchy. He really is worse than the Taliban!

But to completely ignore him and let him run amok, as he is once again doing, would be to commit an even greater sin than the message of hate and seeds of mayhem that he is planting in President Robert Mugabe’s party. After all, evil flourishes when good men do nothing about it.

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And we at the Daily News won’t do that.

Speaking at a Sapes discussion forum last week, Moyo — reeling from his double-dealing shenanigans with the Americans — sought to downplay his untenable position, and went on to insult any and all of his imagined enemies, including the Daily News.

It was a real spectacle.

And suffice to say, the $3 million and free newsprint that the Daily News is supposed to have or to be receiving from donors exists only in this nutter’s head. But for all his apparent bravado, it is clear that the pressure is getting on to him.

And one thing we know is that the Nutty Professor likes dishing it out to others, but can’t take it himself.

Yes, he has got a very thin skin. One need only to look at the myriad  of insults and lawsuits that he has thrown at the Daily News and its staff in the last four months alone to appreciate this fact.

But we digress.

The crux of the matter is that Moyo is bad news for both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe at large. A look at his troubled professional and political career bears this out.

Just to drive the point home: It was he who brought us the notorious Aippa that he used to shut down the Daily News, eight years ago; he was at the centre of the infamous Tsholotsho Declaration in 2004 where he co-plotted to oust Mugabe from power; and he has set a national record for flip-flopping to the extent that no-one knows when he is actually on Mugabe’s side or fighting hard to dethrone the poor octogenarian.

This is why most Zimbabweans, including this newspaper, cannot understand why a section of the liberation party, Zanu PF, continues to indulge this buffoon and his destructive tendencies.

But that is Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s choice.

What we know for sure is that in addition to sowing seeds of destruction everywhere, he is also doing a fine job to make sure that his prediction — that Mugabe will lose even to a donkey in an election — comes to fruition soon.

Let Mugabe and Zanu PF be warned! Daily News editorial