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Alick Macheso daughter denies abortion claims

By Chipo Sabeta

SHARON MACHESO spent the greater part of last week admitted in hospital amid rumours that she suffered complications in a backyard abortion, H-Metro has learnt. The dormitory town of Chitungwiza was awash with word that Alick Macheso’s eldest daughter and socialite developed complications in the backyard abortion. However, the 22-year-old thwarted the rumours and set the record straight.

Sharon Macheso, Zimbabwe’s rising equivalent of socialite Paris Hilton
Sharon Macheso, Zimbabwe’s rising equivalent of socialite Paris Hilton

She revealed that she was admitted because of the recurrence of symptoms of her sugar diabetes chronic condition. “I was never pregnant and I did not abort,” said Zimbabwe’s rising equivalent of Paris Hilton. “If I had aborted, the police could have arrested me because I went to hospital. “I have been a sugar diabetes patient since 2002 when I was in Form One. Last week, the sugar levels in my body were very low and I suffered from hypertension as well,” she said.

She was admitted last Tuesday and discharged on Saturday after getting medical help at South Medical Hospital in Chitungwiza. Her step-mother Tafadzwa, who by her own admission has no medical credentials, however also testified that Sharon was NEVER pregnant and she declared that she is in fact a VIRGIN. “She has NEVER slept with a man in her entire 22 years,” Tafadzwa declared!

This would have apparently been the VIRGIN ABORTION if ever there was one! “Sharon is still a virgin. It’s unfair when the media continues to publish negative stories about her because she is still young and one day she would also want to get married,” said Tafadzwa. She never attested to how she could be COCK sure (no pun intended) that her step-daughter had never run into any vicious venom-spitting one-eyed thigh-slapper.

It is unclear whether a virginity test was conducted on her save to say maybe it was the love of a stepmother trying to convincingly assert that her step-daughter was ‘clean’. Tafadzwa said the rumour going around the town would be detrimental to a young woman who would one day want to find a life partner.

“As it stands, men will be forced to shun her on the basis that she is always aborting. The media must write the truth which is not based on rumour that is awash in the town,” said Tafadzwa. She did however, acknowledge that word in the dormant satellite town was that Sharon had taken a life to be.

In a quest to clear the air, H-Metro had an exclusive interview with Sharon at her father’s Chitungwiza house and the seemingly jittery Sharon bared it all:

She acknowledged having caught wind of the rumour but transferred the blame to HATERS. Said Sharon: “The doctor told me that the two conditions (sugar diabetes and hypertension) contributed to the mild stroke that I suffered last week,” she said. “My right side was very weak and my hands were shaking and numb and I could not even lift my cellphone.

“I was in so much pain such that my parents rushed me to the hospital when my condition deteriorated. At the moment, I’m responding well to medication. The doctor also advised me to take a proper diet.” When H-Metro asked her on the nature of the prescribed medication she was under-taking, the jittery and nervous Sharon shifted goalposts indicating that she had stopped taking pills.

“I’m no longer taking any medication,” she said.

“I am only following the prescribed diet and doing exercises,” she said rather evasively. When further quizzed on the nature of diet she was ordered to take, she became emotional.” “You guys must give me a rest. I’m not a celebrity, only my dad (Alick) is one. Please I deserve some space and the family also needs some privacy. A year ago, it was widely published that I had a series of sex romps with Franco (Orchestra Mberikwazvo dancer) with some saying I was carrying his baby.”

“It was further alleged that I was pregnant. Inhumbu rudzii isingazvarwe nanhasi (I should be having a baby by now).” “A few months ago, it was about Tendai Dembo who wanted to commit suicide over me It was also alleged that I was dating Sulumani Chimbetu’s younger brother Ali, which is not true,” fumed Sharon.

Sharon’s mother Nyadzisai Macheso was also spewing bile over the rumour that has become talk of the town. “I have heard that people are saying Sharon aborted but that is rubbish! “This is the work of Macheso’s enemies; they all want my family to crumble.” However, she had quite a great hunch that the people working against her were her OWN RELATIVES! “I strongly suspect that it is a close relative that is feeding you with false information,” said Nyadzisai. She added that she was POSITIVE that her daughter was not naughty and she admires her good behaviour.

“Sharon is my daughter and she doesn’t misbehave. She was diagnosed with sugar diabetes when she was still in Form One. Sharon has also lost weight as a result of her condition. This whole abortion rubbish is mere gossip,” she said. Nyadzisai’s sister, only identified as Mai Givy, shared similar sentiments, saying: “Sharon is a sugar diabetes patient and I am here to see her on a visit after I heard she was unwell. I stay in Epworth and I came all the way because I know her condition. Nyadzisai told me that the situation was worse and I had to rush here.”

“It’s disturbing that people continue to spread such lies about my sister’s daughter.” “It’s only a matter of time before the truth reigns supreme,” fumed Mai Givy. Alick Macheso (senior) was said to have gone out and he could not be reached for comment. However, sources in the music industry and those close to the Macheso family, confirmed that they too, had gotten wind of unconfirmed reports suggesting that Sharon had aborted.

Hospital authorities preferred to remain mum citing medical ethics as their hindrance to speak about a patient. Basing on one of her parents’ declaration (Tafadzwa), it will only be a MIRACLE for Sharon, a certified VIRGIN to abort! But what is forever true is it will take quite a fire brigade to quell the vicious flames of gossip engulfing Chitungwiza alleging that Sharon aborted. And for as long as Sharon is the daughter of one of the greatest musicians in Zimbabwe, she will always attract both good and negative attention from the community.