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Is Dhewa’s new song and dance a plea for help?

By Ruth Butaumocho

Sungura musician Tongai Moyo is one of Zimbabwe’s most versatile artistes when it comes to stage work during live shows. If he is not dressed flamboyantly to suit the occasions in his colourful and swanky outfits, he will probably be enthralling the crowds with a new dance.

Tongai Moyo in action on stage
Tongai Moyo in action on stage

Barely months after launching his hyperactive “Officer” dance, Dhewa has come up with yet another dance titled “Mandiregera”. Last weekend, Dhewa surprised his Harare fans at the City Sports Bar, when he got on stage while Sulu was playing and immediately got down to business with the new dance, “Mandiregerera”, heightening the frenzy among the already excited fans.

“Shamwari yangu wandiregera

“Ungandidaro, wandiregeera

“Ko imi mose?


The crowd would be swaying their hands from side to side, while singing along with the Utakataka frontman. Utakataka Express band manager Shiga Shiga said the dance was launched two months ago, “We continue introducing many new things because we want to entertain our fans. There is more on the offer,” he said.

However, it appears while Dhewa’s fans enjoyed the dance, they naturally pondered over the literal meaning of the name, with some saying the dance was a passionate plea from Kwekwe-based frontman, for assistance in whatever form.

After the show Dhewa came out to thank Sulu for shouldering most of the burden by playing for three hours to cover for Tongai who could only manage one and half hours on stage. Dhewa has been battling with cancer since 2006, a condition that has been financially draining him.

On average he needs about US$2 000 a month to undergo chemotherapy and his condition can be managed well with drugs worth £6 000, that would take him for about six months. Dhewa has previously refused assistance from well wishers, saying he is not a charity case.

Could the song and the dance be his way of declaring that he may now need help from those willing to assist him with his medical bills and other living expenses?