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Senator calls for sex once a month

Matobo Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (MDC-T) says the only avenue left to curb the spread of HIV among married people is by injecting husbands with an “immobiliser” to reduce their sexual desire.

Contributing to debate on the first report on HIV and Aids dealing with access to treatment in the Senate on Wednesday, Ms Mlotshwa said it was important to reduce men’s appetite for sex.

MATOBO Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa
MATOBO Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa

She urged the Thematic Committee on HIV and Aids and the Zimbabwe Parliamentarians Against HIV and Aids to pursue the avenue.

“I want to contribute by saying that all the other avenues have been looked into and the only avenue left is for us as parliamentarians to decide or suggest reducing the appetite for men and their insatiable greed for women.

“If the scientists that we have here look into the issue of trying to inject men with a substance that will make them lose appetite and use that chance once a month at home, I think that might help.

“This problem is with us for good. We have looked at the use of condoms, abstinence but I still think we have to look at the rate of mating of human beings because through their mating, HIV is being spread,” she said.

Sen Mlotshwa said God was not aware that there would be HIV when he created men and and women.

“I do not think that when God created these parts, which we use for mating, he was thinking that one time there is going to be this HIV.

“I am looking at it from this angle and I am thinking that when we were created this problem of HIV was not there. People might think that I am joking, but I seriously think if I were the Minister responsible for men, I would really enforce law onto our men,” she said.

Sen Mlotshwa urged her peers to get tested and make their status public.

“I urge the senators that we will be launching ZIPAH in this Parliament. I suggest that in our committee, let us launch by testing and posting the results for everyone to see and know our status so that when we talk about HIV and Aids people know about our needs,” Sen Mlotshwa said.