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Zanu PF running away with constitution

Bulawayo– The Matabeleland Constitutional Reform Agenda (MACRA) Director, Effie Ncube has accused the two MDC parties in the unity government of allowing ZANU PF to “run away” with the constitutional making process.

Effie Ncube
Effie Ncube

Ncube said this at a Bulawayo Agenda organized Civil Society Roundtable Meeting to discuss the COPAC (Constitutional Parliamentary Committee) data analysis methods last week on Friday.

The two MDC factions accused ZANU PF of bussing people to outreach meetings. Ncube however said they also should have bussed their supporters as well to the COPAC outreach meetings to make sure that their parties’ views were heard.

ZANU PF is now favoring the quantitative approach because the party is certain that most people who attended expressed the party’s position as opposed to the qualitative method favoured by the MDC were the quality of the contribution is considered.