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MP who infected journalist with HIV named

By a Special Correspondent

The Member of Parliament accused of infecting a state media journalist with the deadly HIV virus can now be named by Nehanda Radio.com as Siyabonga Malandu Ncube from the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube.

The MP for Insiza South is at the centre of a legal and political storm after a female journalist working in Bulawayo accused him of deliberately infecting her with HIV and insulting her using text messages. The story initially came out in the Zimbabwe Standard and Sunday News newspaper but the MP was not named.

Insiza South MP Siyabonga Ncube from the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube
Insiza South MP Siyabonga Ncube from the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube

The case was reported at Bulawayo Central Police Station on Saturday and the Initial Report number is 49941/11. The female journalist has already confirmed making a report to the police. The two were reportedly in a relationship from August 2009, though it was not clear when it ended.

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In an interview monitored by this reporter the victim confirmed that the MP did not reveal to her that his wife passed away due to HIV.

Ncube claimed his wife was in the UK and they were under separation. Asked why she used no protection, she said the relationship had developed fully and he was about to marry her.

The journalist said at the onset of the relationship she had tested for the virus and her results were negative, but had later learnt that she had been infected after which she approached the MP but he refused to co-operate.

“I tried talking to him but he was evasive and would insult me using text messages,” the journalist said. She added that the MP had insulted her calling her a woman of loose morals, who was bitter because the relationship had ended.

To make matters worse insiders working for the MDC-N have also confirmed the same legislator also infected one of the female employees working for the party. The MP has already accused the journalist of being a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and that her aim was to tarnish his image.

In response the journalist said she was fed up with politicians from the MDC led by Ncube as every time they got into trouble they blamed it on Zanu PF. ‘This is reality, I’m infected with HIV and I got it from Siyabonga Ncube, the MP for Insiza South.”