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Zimbabwe national healing Minister arrested

Lupane – There are reports that, Minister in the Organ of National Healing and Reconciliation, Moses Mzila Ndlovu has been arrested and is being detained at Lupane Police Station.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu
Moses Mzila Ndlovu

Mzila Ndlovu was arrested on his way to Victoria Falls where three Co-Ministers of the Organ of National healing had been invited to make a presentation on how far the Ministry has gone on the process of national healing. Police set a roadblock at Lupane and laid an ambush. He was arrested around 0700hrs.

Considering that the Minister’s arrest is the second clampdown after the arrest of the Roman Catholic Priest Marko Mkandla on Wednesday as well as another disruption of a meeting in Matobo, there are strong indications that the Police under the instruction of ZANU PF (not the Inclusive Government) have reportedly declared zero tolerance on national healing programmes.

The ZANU PF party has been dragging its feet on issues of national healing, dodging meetings while Mzila Ndlovu has been the most active and vocal.

Meanwhile arrested Roman Catholic Priest, Marko Mkandla has been slapped with four charges. The charges are contravening Section 25 of POSA (holding a public meeting without police clearance), contravening section 31 of the Criminal Law Codification Act (communicating false statements against the state) and contravening Section 42 of the Criminal Law Codification Act (causing offence to particular tribe).

The Priest was arrested on Wednesday after holding a church service to pray for peace in Zimbabwe. He will appear in court on Tuesday. Bulawayo Agenda