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X Factor Gamu Nhengu faces deportation

Gamu Nhengu
Gamu Nhengu attending immigration hearing

Zimbabwean born singing sensation Gamu Nhengu faces being deported from the UK after her family lost an appeal to be allowed to stay after their visa’s expired last year.

The 19 year old was controversially axed from the ITV talent contest X Factor sparking a national uproar. The latest shocking decision by the Home Office is expected to draw similar condemnation.

In November last year it appeared the family had got a reprieve when they were allowed to appeal the initial rejection of their visa renewal.

Gamu previously told how she would face a “firing squad” if she was sent back to Zimbabwe but Border Agency chiefs have ruled that it is safe for her to return. An ­immigration source told the UK Sunday Mirror: “Gamu and her ­family will hear shortly that their appeal to stay has failed.

“The view was that there is no legitimate reason why they cannot return to Zimbabwe as the ­situation there is stable. Just because ­somebody becomes a celebrity, does not mean they have a right to stay in the UK.”

Gamu, mum ­Nokuthula Ngazana, and brothers Milton, 11, and Marty, nine, now face an uncertain future in the UK. Her mother’s visa expired last year and their application to remain was rejected after it emerged she had claimed £16 000 in working tax credits.