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Rebels urge Mugabe not to recognise Ncube

A group of MDC-N party rebels who filed a High Court application challenging the ‘election’ of Welshman Ncube as party leader have this week advised President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai not to recognise Ncube as Deputy Prime Minister because his ascendancy was illegal.

Arthur Mutambara, Welshman Ncube
Arthur Mutambara chats to Welshman Ncube

Their lawyers Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni have written to Ncube, Mugabe and Tsvangirai advising them that the former could not make appointments before the High Court delivers a judgment in a case in which they are challenging the legality of the congress which ushered him into power.

Ncube declared himself Deputy Prime Minister on Sunday and demoted Mutambara to become the Minister of Regional Integration and International Co-operation. Ncube’s close confidante Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga replaced him as Minister of Industry and Commerce. Former National Chairman Jobert Mudzumwe and 12 other senior party officials have hired lawyers to fight what they feel was an unconstitutional congress.

“Our clients advise that in redeploying the Deputy Prime Minister, you were acting under the authority conferred upon you by the illegitimate congress, which is subject matter of the pending High Court case,” wrote the lawyers.

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“We are instructed to demand, as we hereby do, that you cease or restrain yourself forthwith from making and communicating any decisions concerning the position, structure or any affair in respect of the MDC party in your capacity as ‘MDC President’ pending the determination of the court regarding the legitimacy of the third MDC congress.

“We advise that by virtue of this letter, our clients are also informing the three principals to the GPA, His Excellency President Robert Mugabe, the Right Honourable Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara that they do not recognise you as the MDC President and principal to the GPA,” read the letter.