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Mutambara ‘has left the bus before the crash’

Respected political analyst and academic Professor Ken Mufuka has predicted that the MDC-M under Professor Welshman Ncube ‘has set itself for a quick demise’ after pushing out its leader Arthur Mutambara.

“It is assumed that Ncube can marshall some financial clout, but there is a limit to what money can do. Money without a message is useless in politics. Ncube is his own message. He is the message and the messenger. It is all about himself.”

Mufuka said “Six months is not enough to make a difference. In my opinion, Brother Ncube’s party has set itself for a quick demise after he is elected its leader.” Mufuka believes the “MDC-M will return to a regional base” and “this is not good for the country.”

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“Brother Ncube is reported to be a divisive figure in all Zimbabwean political circles and no party in its right mind will touch him. Dumiso Dabengwa of the Zapu formation will be unwise to co-operate with Brother Ncube for the simple reason that he will bring in old quarrels into an already volatile situation.”

“My information is that two or more of his seven MPs have assessed that joining Morgan Tsvangirai’s party will assure them of a place on the table if they want to continue to eat (kudya). I agree with that assessment. Professor Mutambara therefore will have the last laugh.”

Mufuka known for his Letter from America, written over nearly two decades said Professor Mutambara ‘has left the bus before the crash.’