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Two faced Mugabe has kind words for Tsvangirai

By Lance Guma

A few days after vowing his ZANU PF party would ‘crush’ the MDC at the next election Robert Mugabe on Monday exchanged kind words with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, at an end of year press conference at State House. The function was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.

Over the weekend Mugabe told his annual ZANU PF party conference that he was not happy with the coalition government and wanted a fresh election. He also said that the MDC would finally be ‘crushed.’ But on Monday the 86 year old was singing a different tune, claiming the coalition is making progress and had given people ‘a sense of togetherness’ despite the partners being ‘at each other’s throats.’

Tsvangirai, Mugabe and Mutambara are reported to have held talks for about an hour at State House emerging later, to give the press briefing. Speaking with Tsvangirai by his side Mugabe said; “Just because we go at each other’s throats at party level, let people not think we are a dysfunctional government.”

Tsvangirai returned the pleasantries by saying; “We have made gains in economic reform and public services,” before blaming a shortage of money and resources for preventing them from achieving more. “This inclusive government will not collapse. We will make sure that it does not collapse,” he said. Strangely, Tsvangirai also said he had “camaraderie” with Mugabe, a contradiction of his outburst in October when he accused Mugabe of betraying him.

The most jaw-dropping statement however was reserved for Mugabe who said there should be no violence in the next election. “What we would want to get to our people is our voice and our command that there should be no violence, but that does not mean that everybody will listen to us,” he said.

But the fact is his party has deployed soldiers around the country to help rebuild collapsed ZANU PF structures and intimidate people into voting for them. War vets, led by Jabulani Sibanda, have been terrorizing people, especially in the Manicaland and Masvingo provinces. The defence Minister and police chief have already said even if ZANU PF loses they will not allow ‘puppets’ to rule them.

If Mugabe was truly sincere about bringing an end to the violence, he could do so overnight. SW Radio Africa