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Three boys with three mums for Chimbetu

By Esther Gomo

Twenty-eight year old musician Sulumani Chimbetu cannot keep the zip on his trousers shut if reports by the weekly Zimbabwe Standard are anything to go by. Only last year he was in the headlines after getting his wife’s sister Moline pregnant. He hushed that one up by promising to take care of the child.

This year he is heaping more misery on his long suffering wife Marygold by getting another mistress, known as Linda, pregnant. Linda, a divorcee, gave birth to a baby boy last month. That as the paper points out is his third child within two years and with three different mothers.

Only this past week the US embassy in Harare got various football, singing and TV celebrities to undergo public HIV tests at New Africa House as part of the World AIDS Day commemorations and also encourage people to know their HIV status so they can plan for the future.

While the likes of Desmond Maringwa, Washington Arubi, Alexio Kawara and Munyaradzi Chidzonga among others were trying to help the fight against the disease it seems some celebrities like Sulumani want to spread the message that promiscuity is cool. Perhaps he should have joined the public HIV testing?