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MDC-M provincial spokesman threatens Bulawayo Agenda

There was drama this morning at the Bulawayo Agenda offices at Pioneer House (pictured) when Edwin Ndlovu, Bulawayo Provincial Spokesman for the MDC formation led by Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Arthur Mutambara, threatened members of the BA secretariat over a story carried by the weekly newspaper, the Weekly Agenda.

Ndlovu was incensed by the story which spoke about councillors who are defecting from his party to the MDC-T. He was also not pleased by the story’s reference to his party as a “House Divided”.

Ndlovu walked into the offices at around 8:30 am and demanded to see the editor of the paper, Linda Mpofu, whom he verbally abused over the story. Efforts were made by senior management members of the organization to calm him down and address the matter amicable to no avail.

Management urged him to write a formal letter of complaint so that it can be handled professionally. As if that was not enough, he descended on the reporter who wrote the story, Mziwandile Ndlovu, whom he further harassed.

He referred to the story as “nonsense” “stupid” and threatened Ndlovu with violence. He actually threatened to slap him in the face and more unspecified action if he continued to portray his party in bad light. He also tried to stop the paper from being distributed to no avail.

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Commentators have said the Mutambara MDC risks approaching the next election without any structures to talk of. Over 50 of its councillors countrywide have been defected to the MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. Party Secretary General Welshman Ncube is busy trying to unseat President Mutambara by de-campaigning him and removing elected officials seen loyal to him.